• I'm an administrator/moderator of Kubuntu Forums, where I participate regularly and also provide financial support.

  • I occasionally participate on the Kubuntu mail list and at the KDE Forum.

  • I've reported the occasional bug to *buntu and KDE.

About Me

My journey with open source and Linux-based operating systems began in the middle of 2009. I started with Ubuntu, figuring that its large community would provide ample resources to learn. After about a year, I decided it was time to make a Linux-based operating system my primary operating system, as opposed to dabbling with it as a hobby. I experimented with various distros but kept returning to Ubuntu, mostly out a growing familiarity. I discovered the KDE desktop and Kubuntu in early 2011 and joined the Kubuntu forum in July of that year. In October 2011, at the recommendation of one of the existing moderators, I was invited to join the team of administrators at KFN.

From 1998 to 2009 I worked at Microsoft, first in the telecommunications consulting practice and then in the Trustworthy Computing Group. Information security is my principal specialty. During my time there I spoke at hundreds of conferences and seminars worldwide, frequently earning top speaker ratings. After I left Microsoft, I went to Amazon Web Services, where I gained considerable cloud computing experience while focusing on cloud security. In 2011 I moved to Riverbed Technology, where I am a technical director in the CTO Office. My primary work includes network, cloud, and application performance strategy and competitive research.


Discovering and learning Linux, Ubuntu/Kubuntu, and KDE has been quite a lot of fun. Professionally, it's helped me understand the innner workings of my employer's products, as they're based on Linux. Personally, it's offered me a new outlet to do something I thoroughly enjoy: helping others learn. This was largely what I did on the speaking circuit during my time at Microsoft, and is now one of the reasons that attracted me to Kubuntu Forums.

Deeping my ties with the Kubuntu community is a goal of mine: first as an official member, then perhaps as part of the Kubuntu council.


  • "Information System Lifecycle Management for the Cloud," chapter in Auditing Cloud Computing, 2011 (Wiley)

  • Information Security Perspective on Intranets, Internets, and E-commerce, co-author, 2006

  • Protect Your Windows Network, co-author, 2005 (Addison-Wesley)

  • numerous articles in TechNet Magazine and Windows IT Pro Magazine


In the Cloud, Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong
This presentation broadly explores how cloud computing will alter traditional notions of IT architecture, information security, and systems management.

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Steve has been a huge asset on kubuntuforums since he first joined. He has jumped feet first into things and doesn't seem to have looked back :). Having Steve on the KFN staff has brought us all closer together and I believe that has helped us begin moving forward as a team. I heartily recommend him for consideration. His strong communication skills and community focus will be a huge asset to us. -- claydoh 2012-06-12 20:42:56

I concur with Claydoh. A casual surf of his posts on KFN will reveal that before and since becoming an admin on KFN Steve has daily demonstrated his knowledge of Kubuntu/Linux, networking and network security and hardware with thoughtful and considerate responses to members technical questions. His discussions about UEFI, and his video showing KDE Plasma-Active running on two Samsung tablets with EUFI on them, have been VERY informative, as has his contributions concerning IPv6 and tunneling. He is frank, honest, open minded and non-judgmental, which fits in well with the KFN environment of mutual respect. Even though he doesn't profess to be a coder he has shown some amazing scripts and work-a-rounds. He also brings a DEEP understanding of the Windows OS and Microsoft culture, which has been a HUGE asset on KFN because a lot of members also run various versions of Windows. His social posts and responses about Windows and Microsoft have been well-balanced and do not exhibit the usual rancor of fanboyism. As an admin Steve is a team player. He has never taken actions without consulting other admins. His is a huge asset to KFN, he would be a huge asset to the Kubuntu team! -- GreyGeek (2012-06-13 19:00 CST)

I am an Administrator on Kubuntu Forums . Net. When Steve came to our forum, he was immediately helpful. His knowledge is broad, and his willingness to assist anyone is genuine. He has been a real asset to our forum. With only a request, he personally assisted my father with a rather serious problem with his Ubuntu installation. This was done over several days, and very lengthy phone calls. My father was extremely greatful for Steve's assistance. I think that Steve's inclusion as a Kubuntu member would be a benefit to the larger Kubuntu community. He's got my endorsement. -- Snowhog (2012-06-13 17:48 AST)


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