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=== Packaging ===

See our [[SugarTeam/Develop|development]] page regarding packaging processes. Our [[SugarTeam/Packages|Packages]] page has a TODO list.
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==== Preview Testing ==== ==== PPA Preview Testing ====
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=== Wiki Maintenance ===
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At the present moment the wiki is growing quickly, we need a few more people to help get it into shape, please see our [[SugarTeam/Wiki|wiki standards]] page for more information.


Welcome the Ubuntu Sugar Team, we are the folk that are maintaining the Sugar Learning Environment on Ubuntu. Sugar, originally designed for the One Laptop Per Child projects, promotes sharing, collaborative learning, and reflection. Through Sugar's clarity of design, children and their teachers have the opportunity to use computation on their own terms; they are free to reshape, reinvent, and reapply both software and content into powerful learning activities.

We are dedicated to triaging, fixing, testing, and providing support for packages for Sugar and its many activities. Please see our road map for tasks we are working on.


If you wish to contact the team, you can do so in several ways: the best way would be through the mailing list, the address is ubuntu-sugarteam AT lists DOT ubuntu DOT com. You an join the mailing list at We can also be found on IRC, on the Freenode server at #ubuntu-sugarteam.

How to Contribute


See our development page regarding packaging processes. Our Packages page has a TODO list.

Bug Reporting

The bug reporting page contains useful information on how you can report bugs in a way that will helps the team to process them more efficiently.

Bug Triage

If you want to join the Sugar Team or just want to help out, triaging bugs is a fairly easy task that always needs to be done. Information on bug triaging can be found on triage procedures.

Bug Fixing

The next step is fixing the properly triaged issue reports, more information can be found on our development page.

Quality Assurance

We document our QA procedures in SugarTeam/QA

PPA Preview Testing

The last step is testing our new build before pushing them in the Ubuntu repositories. We have a set of preview archives for testing recent fixes.


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