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In order of importance:
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|| iCal Support || <style="background:Orange">Needs IRC Team Input|| || iCal Support || <style="background:Plum">Needs IRC Team Input||
  • Launchpad Entry: foo

  • Created: 2005-10-25

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  • See also: SpecTemplate


The "summit system" we use for the Ubuntu Developer Summit needs to be fixed. lp:summit


The summit system is showing it's age, as we increase the number of sessions, tracks, and people who schedule things it gets slower and more cumbersome to use.

Use Cases

  • Matt is a track lead and runs into Joe in the hallway. Joe wants a session to be added to the schedule but doesn't need a blueprint. This is impossible to schedule.
  • Amber has been tagged as a volunteer videographer for UDS but doesn't know how it matches her schedule. The summit system automatically tags and shows her which sessions she needs to videotape.
  • David has been good about scheduling his sessions but as the new needs pile up he "cheats" and adds the session right into the Django admin interface since that's much easier than adding a blueprint and waiting for the system to import it into the session view. As a result he can't take advantage of the conflict resolution bits.
  • Jono wants to ensure that people are mingling inbetween sessions, he wants assurances from the system that no 2 tracks are ever scheduled back to back in the same room.


These fixes are for UDS-M, anything after is out of scope.


In order of importance:

Schedule Session Button

Needs Design Input

  • Allow a scheduler to schedule a session on the fly without having to register a blueprint so people can schedule BoFs quickly.

  • Mockup

  • Clicking on the button will spawn a lightbox with 2 fields, title and description for the session and an ok/cancel button. Mockup 2

    • Clicking on ok will accept the session and then add it to the sidebar, where the scheduler can schedule it.
    • Clicking cancel will take the user back to the normal view.
  • When the session is on the sidebar it can be dragged into a time slot.

Performance Work

Needs IS Input

  • Performance review - ISD added memcached support which improved the performance considerably. We need to find a way to generate the schedule without hammering launchpad over and over.
  • Archive old UDS schedules.

Design Review

Needs Design Input

  • Input from the design team as Mark has ideas on what he wants the schedule to look like design-wise
  • Needs to look as professional as our main website, since partners and upstreams come to UDS.

New Fields in Django

  • A field for "crew" and "videographer"
    • In the "Meeting" table there is a subtable that is called "Key People".
      • In addition to Drafter, Assignee, Approver, and Scribe, add a "Videographer1" and "Videographer2" field.
      • So we can use the system to schedule crew with the conflict resolution.
    • Ability to tag an attendees record as "Crew" and then designate a day that they will be assigned crew duties. In the day view there should be a field on the calendar that shows who is going to be crew for that day so attendees know who the person is.
    • Each role is then integrated into the person's personal view so it's on their schedule. (The "Hide talks that aren't for me" feature)

Display Requirements

Needs Design Input

  • When on display at UDS we need to have a clock on the schedule that won't scroll off so people can see where we are in the schedule. A Marcus Baines Line would be great.

  • Ensure the page elements show up even on scroll, list of rooms, time slots, etc.

iCal Support

<style="background:Plum">Needs IRC Team Input

  • Needed so we can have the IRC bot announce sessions in the channel
  • So people can use their phones for the schedule.

Admin Workarounds

  • Auto-generate the time slots.
  • We run a SQL query to generate blank slots to drop sessions in, this is annoying, and making them by hand is time consuming.

Implementation Plan




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