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Summit System Assessment

Current System Assessment



  • Conflicts with multiple people scheduling - seven people scheduling can cause conflicts.
  • Blueprints should not be used to schedule sessions - blueprints are for specs not sessions, and don't apply to roundtables and private sessions.
  • BoFs can't have attendee subscribers - adding BoFs and roundtables cannot use the collision system for attendees.

Feature Requests

  • A button in the sidebar, "Schedule a session" which will allow a scheduler to schedule a session on the fly without having to register a blueprint.
  • A field for "crew" and "videographer" so we can use the system to schedule crew with the conflict resolution.
  • Design review - Input from the design team as Mark has ideas on what he wants the schedule to look like design-wise
  • "Big screen friendly" - When on display at UDS we need to have a clock on the schedule that won't scroll off so people can see where we are in the schedule. A Marcus Baines Line would be great.

Bugs we need fixed

  • Performance review - ISD added memcached support which improved the performance considerably. We need to find a way to generate the schedule without hammering launchpad over and over.

Next Steps