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=== Stuff ===
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Hello and Welcome! I am Vidya Ayer from India, an Ubuntu user and active volunteer in [ Ubuntu], [ Ubuntu-Women], [ Linuxchix], [ Debian-Women] and [ DMOZ].


FLOSS Volunteer

Current Team/Membership Status

Ubuntu Volunteer

  • [] : Designed, created, and implemented the contents for the website and admin the UW mailing list. Mentor women and guide new users there to contribute to Ubuntu.

  • [ Bugsquad] : Squash bugs on Malone and Ubuntu-bugzilla.

  • [ Marketing] : Created a [ Milestones specification] for the Ubuntu Abanta (?) Magazine.

  • Assisting Ubuntu Marketing team members, and other community groups and teams when needed.
  • Currently translate for the Sanskrit localisation of packages in Ubuntu for Indian languages. Plan to increase volunteer translators for Sanskrit. Main impediments are that its a classical language with zero commercial value resulting in low interest as its practically considered a dead language by many people.

  • Various contributions in different Wiki's and Ubuntu mailing lists.
  • [ Ubuntu-IN] : Wrote the initial draft for the Indian Loco team and was involved with the setting up of the [ Ubuntu-IN] team and was the mailing list admin for a short while.

  • Advocate Ubuntu awareness whenever possible and have distributed my surplus Hoary, Breezy and Dapper CD's to many people locally and am happy to note that mostly students used it more than engineers.

Wiki's and Teams created

Bugs reported

Bugs triaged




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