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== Wiki Contributions ==

 * (now a part of Ubuntu documentation)
 * (has moved to new site)
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Hello and Welcome!

I am Vidya Ayer from India, an Ubuntu user and active volunteer in [ Ubuntu], [ Ubuntu-Women], [ Linuxchix], [ Debian-Women] and [ DMOZ].


FOSS & Ubuntu Volunteer Experience

Ubuntu-Women Team

Ubuntu Bug-Squad

Ubuntu Marketing Team

Debian/Ubuntu Translation/Localisation

  • Ubuntu Sanskrit Translators [ Launchpad]

  • Co-wrote a [ Sanskrit (SA) language locale] with Christian Perrier (bubulle), which awaits inclusion in the Debian package : belocs-locales-data and also in package: locales (version: 2.3.5-6).

  • Translate for the Sanskrit localisation of packages in Ubuntu. Plan to increase volunteer translators for Sanskrit, a classical Indian language. Main impediments are its classical roots, lack of daily usage, with zero commercial value resulting in low interest as its practically considered a dead language by many people.

Advocacy, Misc.

  • Various contributions in different Wiki's and Ubuntu mailing lists.
  • Am trying to learn about packaging, testing and learning other technical details about Ubuntu and its relation with Debian and how they work in tandem.
  • Advocate Ubuntu awareness whenever possible and have distributed my surplus Hoary, Breezy and Dapper CD's to many people locally and am happy to note that mostly students use it more than engineers.

Ubuntu-IN Loco Team

Wiki Contributions




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