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||<style="color: #816647; background: #ffcc00; font-weight: bold; font-size: larger"> '''नमस्ते ... स्वागतम् ''' || ||<style="color: #816647; background: #ffcc00; font-weight: bold; font-size: larger"> '''नमस्ते ... स्वागतम् ''' ||

नमस्ते ... स्वागतम्

Hello and Welcome


An Ubuntu volunteer since Warty and an ex-Ubuntu member (2006aug22 - 2008) who currently volunteers at Ubuntu, Ubuntu-Women, Debian-Women, KDE-Women and Linuxchix and IndiChix- the Indian chapter.

Libre software projects i volunteer in:



Ubuntu Fridge

  • Ubuntu Editor at the Ubuntu Fridge - Launchpad

  • Hopes to stock the Fridge with news, articles, and other bytes flowing in from the Ubuntu community.
  • Plans to synchronise news with grassroots marketing, events, advocacy, team collaboration, and other sound bytes.

Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu Marketing

Ubuntu Bug-Squad

Debian/Ubuntu Translation/Localisation

  • Ubuntu Sanskrit Translators Launchpad

  • Co-wrote a Sanskrit (SA) language locale with Christian Perrier (bubulle), which awaits inclusion in the Debian package : belocs-locales-data and also in package: locales (version: 2.3.5-6).

Advocacy, Misc

  • Various contributions in different Wiki's, community groups/teams and Ubuntu mailing lists.

Ubuntu-IN Loco Team

Wiki Contributions

Display context of search results
Case-sensitive searching


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