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|| नमस्ते ||

Hello and Welcome !

I am Vidya from India and a proud Ubuntu user. From a dual-boot PC (in early 2005) to a full Ubuntu PC running Breezy today, my Linux journey has been a very positive experience. I had always wanted to volunteer and this came true with the "ship-it" program, which not only provides latest version but also helps spread the Ubuntu-cheer around. Another thing I like the most about FLOSS is the open attitude and freedom granted to anyone with an interest in learning Linux. Each individual has an equal opportunity as there are no irrelevant restrictions on the basis of country, age, qualification, gender, etc... to learn & improve their skills as per their interests,


FLOSS Volunteer

Ubuntu Volunteer

  • Set-up and also admin the [ Ubuntu-Women] mailing list.

  • Currently translate for the Sanskrit localisation of packages in Ubuntu for Indian languages.
  • Ocassionally squash bugs on Malone and Ubuntu-bugzilla.
  • Wrote the initial draft for the Ubuntu-IN Loco team & active volunteer.

Wiki's and Teams created

Bugs reported

Bugs triaged

Ubuntu & I

  • Setup [ Ubuntu-Women] : I admin its mailing list and by creating this open space we hope to increase the participation of women in the technical arena. To achieve this, I am trying to learn about packaging, testing and learning other technical details about Ubuntu and its relation with Debian and how they work in tandem.

  • Advocacy and [ Ubuntu-IN] :

  • To increase Ubuntu-awareness in India, I had distributed my surplus Hoary CD's to many people locally and am happy to note that mostly students used it more than engineers. I plan to distribute the Breezy CD's to local school students and schools.
  • Increase volunteer translators for Sanskrit. Main impediments are that its a classical language with zero commercial value resulting in low interest as its practically considered a dead language by many people.

  • Action plan is := Rather than just evangelising about Ubuntu-Linux and handing out free CD's, a more focussed approach would be to target specific people (non-Linux users willing to try Ubuntu) and install/dual-boot Ubuntu for them if they cant do it themselves.
  • Collect old computers and install Ubuntu and donate these to students/people/NGO's who cannot but new machines.
  • With the setting up of our [ Ubuntu-IN] team, we plan to spread Ubuntu among local companies, Laptop and PC vendors.

  • Increase the visibility by representing and promoting Ubuntu at local FLOSS events.