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|| नमस्ते ||

Hello and Welcome ! I am Vidya, an Ubuntu user and active volunteer in [ Ubuntu-Women], [ Linuxchix], [ Debian-Women] and [ DMOZ].


FLOSS Volunteer

Ubuntu Volunteer

  • Set-up [ Ubuntu-Women] and also admin the mailing list.

  • Designed and wrote the [] website.

  • Ocassionally squash bugs on Malone and Ubuntu-bugzilla.
  • Currently translate for the Sanskrit localisation of packages in Ubuntu for Indian languages.
  • Wrote the initial draft for the Indian Loco team & helped set-up Ubuntu-IN loco team.

Wiki's and Teams created

Bugs reported

Bugs triaged

Ubuntu & I

  • Setup [ Ubuntu-Women] : Currently in the process of creating the web-site. Besides this, I admin its mailing list through which we try and create a open communication medium between people and increase the participation of women in the technical arena. To achieve this, I am trying to learn about packaging, testing and learning other technical details about Ubuntu and its relation with Debian and how they work in tandem.

  • Advocacy and [ Ubuntu-IN] :

  • To increase Ubuntu-awareness in India, I had distributed my surplus Hoary CD's to many people locally and am happy to note that mostly students used it more than engineers. I plan to distribute the Breezy CD's to local school students and schools.
  • Increase volunteer translators for Sanskrit. Main impediments are that its a classical language with zero commercial value resulting in low interest as its practically considered a dead language by many people.

  • Action plan is := Rather than just evangelising about Ubuntu-Linux and handing out free CD's, a more focussed approach would be to target specific people (non-Linux users willing to try Ubuntu) and install/dual-boot Ubuntu for them if they cant do it themselves.
  • Collect old computers and install Ubuntu and donate these to students/people/NGO's who cannot but new machines.
  • With the setting up of our [ Ubuntu-IN] team, we plan to spread Ubuntu among local companies, Laptop and PC vendors.

  • Increase the visibility by representing and promoting Ubuntu at local FLOSS events.