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Feel free to post your ideas here.

Keep in mind that those ideas may not be up to date. If you want to get something started please get in contact with the community through the mailing list.

Release Party Ideas

<idea by dsto>: what is the opinion of the team about organizing two different release parties? One for community and end-user (on Saturday, as suggested at the Denk:Mal) the other for business and end-user (can't be on Saturday, idea: at Education site or other public place). I did some investigations: Sponsoring is offered - in case we are able to provide presentations/success stories by guest speakers who have deployed Ubuntu at their companies. </idea>

Modifying Contact list

As the SwissTeam is growing steadily and more volunteers add themselves to the contact list, it becomes quite long and unhandy. Various propositions for modification are:

  • Splitting it into regional lists, by postal code. -- ErwinHerrsche

  • Splitting it into cantons. --StephaneGraber

  • Using the same map software as the BelgianTeam did (see below). --MyriamSchweingruber

    • If the map is adopted, we could replace the standard icons on the map with Ubuntu logo. Those logos could even be repainted according to a color code (ex: green for beginner, orange for advanced and red for experts). This would allow the visitor to easily see where and what kind of help is available. The French community has something similar ( -- Peppy2

      • Actually it's not the "French community" but the French-speaking community. People speaking French in Switzerland can register on that map. Maybe we don't need a "Swiss" map. People just have to get used to the global village.--TormodVolden

  • Just have the whole list on a separate page. Splitting it up will rapidly make it inconsistent, hard to search, and maybe you want to find a close match across the canton or postal code border. Automatic generation of a map, based on the postal code would be ├╝bercool. --TormodVolden

Support Point Map

Myriam got in touch with MarkVanDenBorre during FOSDEM in Brussels and he sent the links to the code. Check the specification set up by the BelgianTeam here: BelgianTeam/SupportPointsSpec. They posted a support point volunteers manual here: BelgianTeam/SupportPoints.

Swiss Linux Portal

Ideas for a web site: SwissTeam/Ideas/SwissPortal

Ideas for the ubuntu-ch logo and banner.

Press review

* Ubuntu at school in Switzerland starting September 2008: []

* Ubuntu review in one of the main french general purpose daily newspaper Liberation (August 2008): [,4806.html]

Marketing Event Planning

Details regarding upcoming marketing events initiated by

Marketing Event Planning

Ubunteros Association

Ubunteros Association


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