Ubuntu 18.04 release party in Bern

Let's get together and celebrate the next LTS release!


  • 26th of April 2018
  • Program:


Talks and Presentations

Start: 18:00

Worldwide Solution for managing Ubuntu Desktops

  • Topic: Global Solution for managing Ubuntu Desktops at Roche Diagnostics international AG

  • Speaker: Eric Keller, Roche & Adfinis SyGroup

  • Content: At Roche Diagnostics international AG, the development environment for the instrument control layer is based on Linux. Starting with Ubuntu 8.04, to the upcoming 18.04 LTS, I would like to present the transition from a local (Rotkreuz) to a global (worldwide) solution. What where the challenges? How did we create a modern development environment based on Ubuntu Linux.

Hardware Evaluation of Notebooks and Dockingstations

  • Topic: Hardware Evaluation of Notebooks and Dockingstations for the Standard Workstation at Puzzle ITC

  • Speaker: Tim Herren, Puzzle ITC

Ubuntu Touch on Phones

LXD - The Comfort of VMs with the speed of Containers

  • Topic: Demonstration of LXD - The Comfort of VMs with the speed of Containers.

  • Speaker: Philipp Gassmann, Puzzle ITC

Who is invited?

  • Ubuntu users of Switzerland.

Especially welcome are:

  • User Groups and Open Source and Free Software Groups
    • LugBE, FSFE, Parldigi, CH Open, Gul, swisslinux, why!,
  • Developer Companies that use Ubuntu for Software Development/Deployment


The event is open to all, but a short notification to the Puzzle ITC Backoffice ( will help us organise enough food and seats.


(Planning) Ideas

Following topics were discussed at the February Meetup

As discussed on the mailling list and at the February Meetup Puzzle ITC suggested they could host the release party again in Bern, as they did 10 years ago!

  • Apéro and Beer offered by Puzzle ITC
  • Short Presentations, Lightning Talks (topics tbd. )
    • topic Ideas:
    • Gaming on Ubuntu (steam)
    • ... (present a cool app, share something you learned or discovered about Ubuntu)
  • Selling Ubuntu T-Shirts etc?
  • Distribute Ubuntu Goodies
  • Install café?
  • Video-Connection to another Ubuntu Party in some country?
  • Keysigning Party (if enough are interested)
  • Ubuntu Gaming Showcase Computer for hands-on.

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