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==== LoCo Veranstaltung, einfach mal unteruns zusammen sitzen ===== ==== LoCo Veranstaltung, einfach mal unteruns zusammen sitzen ====

Intrepid Ibex Releaseparty Zürich

Hier haben wir eine ruhige Ecke um uns über die Vergangene und die kommende RP auszutauchen, Ideen zu sammeln, usw.

Fühlt euch frei hier Eure Meinungen kund zu tun, wir werden uns Zeitnah bei einem IRC Meeting damit auseindersetzen was wir wie planen wollen, hier machen wir aber erstmal Brainstorming

Review RP ZH 8.04

Was war gut?

Was hätte man deiner Meinung nach besser machen können

  • Too many talks that did not concern the target audience. There were not many beginners. --PsyQ

Was hätte man deiner Meinung nach anders machen könne

Was war nicht gut verlaufen?

Preview RP ZH 8.10

Ausrichtung / Rahmen der RP

We are debating whether the 8.10 party should be an informational event aimed at newbies or simply a celebration, more or less for the team itself.

Infoveranstaltung wie 8.04

This section is for activities we could provide if we want the 8.04 party to be for the general public again.

* Less focus on "newbies". Newbies are welcome and will get help, but the talks should be different. Idea: No more than 3 talks:

  1. What is Ubuntu, how do I install it, how do I install software? (very brief, 20 mins)
  2. (Some current hot topic in Ubuntu-land). e.g. "WINE 1.0: Using Windows programs and games" (that's just an example) (30 mins)
  3. Ubuntu hardware: What you should know when you buy a new PC to get a 100% compatible machine.
  • Few talks, but CLEARLY MARKED opportunities for people to talk to experts and ask their own free-form questions.

  • A quiet area somewhere near the bar with network cables and power, in case anyone wants to install (experience shows that there are few installs at these parties)

LoCo Veranstaltung, einfach mal unteruns zusammen sitzen

This section is for activities in case we want to make the 8.10 party more of a celebration for us. Outsiders are welcome, of course.

  • Must be made clear that the party is simply a celebration, not an informational event. Although SwissTeam members are happy to answer questions if outsiders show up.

  • Small bar, chips, cake, beer, drinks
  • Sofas or general hangout equipment like at the 8.04 party
  • Some Internet access.
  • Live video stream from and to Lausanne? (if we do both parties on the same day)
  • A public machine that runs the video cam and an IRC session to #ubuntu-ch

That's probably all we need to have a party!

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