Ubuntu SwissRemix

Ubuntu SwissRemix is currently based on Ubuntu 9.10 and is a version of Ubuntu including as much software as necessary to satisfy everyday use on desktops and laptops. There was no Swiss Remix for Lucid Lynx and - although originally planned - there won't be a SwissRemix based on Maverick Meerkat. There are discussions if there is a need for pressed DVD at all as such productions are consuming more money and efforts than the scripting and software collection itself.

The idea behind this Remix

Ubuntu Swiss Remix is a most complete software system containing what we have found being our users needs. As such, Ubuntu SwissRemix has Medibuntu and other sources activated and brings along a script to add software which is restricted from distribution. In the 9.10 release there is an option to load the alternate installer from the same DVD, too.

Upgrading from SwissRemix 9.10 (Feb 17, 2011)

The procedure to upgrade a Ubuntu 9.10 SwissRemix to 10.04 "Karmic Koala" is working. The same applies when upgrading from 10.04 to (current) 10.10. It is our experience that these upgrades complete successfully at a very high probability rate apart from a number of odd behaviours with the main browser.

Users may observe firefox not running anymore after the upgrade to 10.04. Usually this is solved by removing icedtea6-plugin.

We've noticed that on 10.10 and 11.04 firefox's speed is affected by the number of multimedia plugins installed and activated. Decide for the multimedia player that you like most and remove the plugins for the other players. Example:

  • Preferred Multimedia Player: VLC Plugin to remove: totem-mozilla

Other users have encountered web sites containing shockwave not working properly. The packages possibly involved here are gnash, mozilla-plugin-gnash, browser-plugin-gnash,

In order to address problems with flash, you might want to search for the flash-aid plugin on the web which removes and reinstalls the flash environment from scratch.

Ubuntu SwissRemix pre-installed

If you would like to purchase a PC with Ubuntu SwissRemix ...

We know a few distributors installing Ubuntu on the PC they sell. We know, that users appreciate the availability of customized OS when they buy a PC. There is a major reason for this: Installing Windows - even a new one on a new PC - can be very tricky and timeconsuming. Windows is a very incomplete software system forcing users to purchase additional programs and gather important tools they need from a variety of Web Pages.

This is not the case with a complete software distribution like Ubuntu SwissRemix. In fact, it contains what hardware manufacturers bundle on their PCs for selling. It contains much more. And it is as easy to install like a brand new Mac OS X. For Free!

Ubuntu Support & Forums

As the SwissRemix is a pure Ubuntu with additional software from original repositories, you may approach regular support channels: IRC, Forum, Wiki. Professional support is available from a number of companies in Switzerland

Filing bugs

If you find any bugs related to the SwissRemix only, send a note to bugs@teamubuntu.ch

Getting the SwissRemix

Download Ubuntu 9.10 SwissRemix

see http://www.teamubuntu.ch/pub


In order to get your own Ubuntu SwissRemix DVD, contact a community member or meet us at the next upcoming event or install party. Piles of DVDs (20 pieces and more, CHF 5 each) can be ordered from /ch/open - http://www.ch-open.ch - or dsto@stoni.ch. As there will appear other means of how to acquire your Ubuntu SwissRemix, there will be updated information here.


The development of Ubuntu SwissRemix has moved to Origo. See there. Join the team! http://usr.origo.ethz.ch

Knowledge & Feedback

Any ideas which additional packages to include or bug reports should be sent to bugs@teamubuntu.ch or posted as issue on http://usr.origo.ethz.ch

Join the Team

Visit the origo portal, register and join the Ubuntu Swiss Remix development on http://usr.origo.ethz.ch


We are currently collecting funds to build another SwissRemix. Sponsors interested about the options may contact dsto@stoni.ch


You find the Roadmap also on Origo, see here: http://usr.origo.ethz.ch/wiki/projektbeschrieb_swissremix_maverick_meerkat_10_10

Suggested new features

Feature requests are tracked as issues on the development site: http://usr.origo.ethz.ch/issues

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