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=== Organising the Open/Expo booth for 1.+2. April 2009 === === Organising the OpenExpo booth for 1.+2. April 2009 ===
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My application for the Ubuntu/Kubuntu booth during Open/Expo in Bern has been approved and I have set up a [[/OpenExpo/Bern09]] page, where I would love to gather suggestions for ways to improve the booth. Also, some volunteers to help at the booth are welcome! -- [[LaunchpadHome:myriam]] <<DateTime(2009-01-14T15:45:51+0100)>> My application for the Ubuntu/Kubuntu booth during [[ | OpenExpo]] in Bern has been approved and I have set up a [[/OpenExpo/Bern09]] page, where I would love to gather suggestions for ways to improve the booth. Also, some volunteers to help at the booth are welcome! -- [[LaunchpadHome:myriam]] <<DateTime(2009-01-14T15:45:51+0100)>>

=== Organising Jaunty Release Party ===

Time flies and Jaunty Jackalope, the future K/X/Ubuntu 9.04 is planned to be released on April 23rd 2009. So I set up a [[/ReleasePartyJaunty]] page where everybody is invited to provide some input. I copied over propositions from the last Release Party page, so feel free to add your insight. -- [[LaunchpadHome:myriam]] <<DateTime(2009-01-14T16:30:45+0100)>>

''Ubuntu pro omnibus, omnes pro Ubuntu!''

ch-orange192x124.png Switzerland has, although a small country, no less than 4 official languages with a wealth of dialects and variations. For most Swiss Ubuntu-users, support and information in their own (main) language is provided by the French, German and Italian speaking communities. (Any takers for a Romansh initiative?)

The Swiss team would like, however, to enhance communication between Swiss Ubuntu users/contributors, and arrange local meetings and provide local support.

On launchpad, we are the Ubuntu Swiss User group. We are one of the approved Ubuntu LoCoTeams.

Mailing list, IRC channel and Forum

Please join our mailing list where we coordinate efforts and spread information among us. Note that this is not a list for normal technical support questions - unless it involves, for instance, Swiss keyboards or location Smile :)

Also, an IRC channel has been created on Freenode, feel free to join the #ubuntu-ch channel for chats and discussions on our Ubuntu activities. Detailed instructions on how to join the IRC channel with Pidgin, Ubuntu's default chat client, can be found on our IRC page

We try to have regular /Meetings on IRC. Find more information on regular IRC meeting propositions in /Ideas.

While most of our activity is our mailing list and #ubuntu-ch IRC channel, we also have a LoCo forum which we use from time to time.

Past Activities

You can find reports and links to our pst activities here: /PastActivities

Current Activities

Organising the OpenExpo booth for 1.+2. April 2009

My application for the Ubuntu/Kubuntu booth during OpenExpo in Bern has been approved and I have set up a /OpenExpo/Bern09 page, where I would love to gather suggestions for ways to improve the booth. Also, some volunteers to help at the booth are welcome! -- myriam 2009-01-14 14:45:51

Organising Jaunty Release Party

Time flies and Jaunty Jackalope, the future K/X/Ubuntu 9.04 is planned to be released on April 23rd 2009. So I set up a /ReleasePartyJaunty page where everybody is invited to provide some input. I copied over propositions from the last Release Party page, so feel free to add your insight. -- myriam 2009-01-14 15:30:45


We have set up an /Ideas page which is intended for your brain dump and discussion regarding future SwissTeam activities.

Regional contacts

Anyone interested to give support (either free or for a fee), hand out CD, organise a meeting and more can enter his contact details in the list below, sorted by postal code. Don't forget to include a link or e-mail address so that people can actually contact you! And please join the mailing list!


Wer bereit ist, bei Problemen zu helfen (kostenlos und/oder gegen Bezahlung), CDs zu verteilen, oder ein Treffen organisieren will ... der (die??) trage sich bitte in diese Liste ein, sortiert nach PLZ. Bitte vergesst auf keinen Fall, einen Link oder eine gültige e-Mail-Adresse anzugeben, damit man auch auch wirklich kontaktieren kann. Und bitte tragt euch in die Mailingliste ein !


Celui qui est intéressé à aider en cas de problème (gratuitement ou contre rémunération), à fournir des CD d'installation ou encore à organiser une réunion est prié de s'inscrire dans le tableau qui suit en n'oubliant pas son numéro postal. N'oubliez pas d'ajouter une adresse email de contact ou un lien afin que l'on puisse vous contacter. Et rejoignez la mailing list, svp. Merci.


Chi è interessato ad aiutare in caso di problemi (gratuitamente o contro rimunerazione), a fornire i CD d'installazione o ancora ad organizzare una riunione, è pregato di iscriversi nella tabella che segue ordinata per numero d'avviamento postale. Non scordate di aggiungere un indirizzo e-mail o un link in modo che sia possibile contattarvi. E per favore iscrivetevi alla nostra mailing list. Grazie.


Sche ti vul gider auters en cas da problems (gratis ni cun paga), cumparter CDs d'installaziun ni organisar ina scuntrada sas ti t'annunziar en quella glista, ordinau tenor numer postal. Emblida buca da metter in link ni inn'adressa da e-mail aschia ch'in sar contactar tei. E fa aschi bien ed t'annunzia era sin la glista da e-mail!





1004 Lausanne


CDs, support, info

French, English, German

1006 Lausanne


CDs, support, info

French, English, German

1007 Lausanne


Free/private or business support/sysadmin, key signing

Italian, French, English

1018 Lausanne

Nicolas Borboën

CDs, support, logiciels libres

French, English

1020 Renens / 1015 EPFL / 3930 Visp


Anything sysadmin, support, key signing, cacert certification

French, English

1040 Echallens


CDs meeting and support

German, French, Italian, English

1110 Morges / 1015 EPFL


CDs, anything sysadmin, support, key signing

French, English

1175 Lavigny / 1015 EPFL


Support général, Ubuntu as office computer, multimedia, informations

French, English

1201 Genève


Support sur demande/Coups de main, supporter de Ubuntu et des SOLL

French, Deutsch, English

1205 Genève

Tribaal (Chris)

Coups de mains, CDs, bière Smile :)


1206 Genève


CDs, activisme LL

French, Italian

1214 Vernier

Jonathan Ernst (jernst)

Coups de mains, maintenance, CDs

French, English

1226 Thônex

Grégoire Métral

Distribution CD, activisme LL


1244 Choulex


support, info

French, English, German

1252 Meinier


Private and Business Support, CDs, anything

French, English, Dutch

1255 Veyrier


CD, support, logiciels libres

Français, English

1292 Chambésy


support, info, installation

French, English, Italian

1400 Yverdon


CDs, support (mostly for noobs like me), info

French, English, German

1715 Alterswil


CDs, support, meetings, info

German, French, English, Italian

1860 Aigle


Installation, Support

Français, Castellano, Català, English

1870 Monthey (VS)

Pascal Rapaz

CDs, support, development, meetings

French, English

1950 Sion (VS)

Raoul Mengis

CDs, support, infos, development


1950 Sion / 5300 Turgi


CDs, support, info

French, German, English

2000 Neuchâtel

Müller Alain

CDs, Infos, Installation, Fée verte Smile :) (Rencontre ou tél.)


2000 Neuchâtel

Müller Michel

Infos, Installation

French, English

2022 Bevaix (NE)


Kubuntu, CDs, support, info


2022 Bevaix (NE)


CDs, support, meetings

French, English

2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds


Aide et install basique

French, English (Basic)

2504 Biel/Bienne


CDs, Technical support and consulting

French, English

2735 Bévilard

Vladimir Ilitch

support, installation, conseils, CD


2874 St. Brais & 7536 Sta Maria V. Müstair

Moira Brülisauer moosline

CDs; Info; Hilfe b. Org. von Events.

German, Francais, english if needed

3000 Bern


Community Treffen


3012 Bern


Sysadmin, mail support only

German, English

3014 Bern

Pascal Mages

(K)Ubuntu Support, Fileserver and Backup

Deutsch, Français, English, Español

3186 Düdingen



German, French, English

3800 Interlaken


Installation CDs und Support

Deutsch, English

4001 Basel


CDs und Support


4053 Basel




4303 Kaiseraugst

Thomas Helfrich

CD's und Support

German, English

4415 Lausen

Manuel Schmid

CDs, Information, Support

German, English, French

5102 Rupperswil

Mich Wyser

CDs und Support, Treffen


5330 Zurzach


CDs, Support, powered by Ubuntu Stickers Wink ;-)

German, English, littlebit French

6000 Luzern


CDs, support, meetings, infos

English, French, German, Norwegian

6330 Cham

Simon Huerlimann

Kubuntu CDs, Support, Infos


6500 Bellinzona

Edwin Winkler

Aiuto e supporto in genere

Italian (mother tongue), French, English, German

6528 Camorino


supporto e consigli da un semplice utilizzatore come voi

Italian, French, English, German

6834 Morbio Inferiore

Daniel Schwitzgebel

Support, Sticker

Italian, not much english

7233 Jenaz

Beat von Allmen

CDs, Helpdesk - Support, Meetings, Graubünden und Deutsche Schweiz

German, French, English

7403 Rhäzüns

Hampa Brügger

CDs, Einsteigerhilfe


8006 Zürich


je nachdem...

German, English

8037 Zürich

Marcus Dapp

Talks/Trainings: ubuntu Linux, FOSS, Digital/e Nachhaltigkeit/Sustainability, etc.

German, English

8051 Zürich


CDs, Support auch in 9445 Rebstein

German, English, French

8055 Zürich

Andreas Ratchev

Support in einigen Gebieten, Games etc.

German, English, Bulgarian

8057 Zürich

François Terrier

Support, CDs, Infos, etc...

Français, English, Deutsch

8280 Kreuzlingen


Support und CDs für Kreuzlingen und Konstanz


8306 Bruettisellen




8400 Winterthur

Carlos Diener

Quer durchs Beet


8404 Winterthur

Florian Bruhin

CDs, Hilfestellung, Installation, etc.

German, English

8450 Andelfingen


CDs and Meetings


8500 Frauenfeld


wo man hilfe brauchen kann


8606 Greifensee

Ramon Cahenzli

Organizing Free Software/Culture meetings in Zürich, running a store for Linux-compatible stuff

German, English, Romontsch, French

8624 Grüt (Gossau ZH)

Dirk Deimeke

Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe für Server-Systeme, help to self-help for server-systems

Deutsch, Englisch

8633 Wolfhausen


Support, CD's, Hilfe wenn ich kann


8702 Zollikon

Randy Earl

CDs, Info, Installation, Help as I can


8722 Kaltbrunn

Daniel Stoni

Talks, Info, Installation Desktop/Laptop

German, English

8953 Dietikon / 8001 Zürich


CD's, Installation, Meetings, Support


9012 St. Gallen


CDs and support, meetings


9014 St. Gallen

Paul Jaros

CDs, support, meetings

German, English and French

9244 Niederuzwil


CDs and support


9445 Rebstein


CDs, Support auch in 8051 Zürich

German, English, French

Total: 68 Swiss Ubunteros subscribed


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