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= ''Ubuntu pro omnibus, omnes pro Ubuntu!'' =
{{attachment:ch-map.png|Switzerland|align="left"}} Switzerland has, although a small country, no less than 4 official languages with a wealth of dialects and variations. To have a ''common ground'', the official communication language of our !LoCo is English. For most Swiss Ubuntu-users, support and information in their own (main) language is provided by the [[|French]], [[|German]] and [[|Italian]] speaking communities. (Any takers for a [[|Romansh]] initiative?)

The Swiss team would like, however, to enhance communication between Swiss Ubuntu users/contributors, and arrange local meetings and provide local support.

On launchpad, we are the [[|Ubuntu Swiss User]] group. We are one of the approved Ubuntu LoCoTeams.

== Communicate ==
{{attachment:community.png|Communicate|align="left"}} We would like to encourage you to activly take part in our friendly community. Therefore we offer different communication channels:

=== Mailing list ===

Please join our [[|mailing list]] where we coordinate efforts and spread information among us. Note that this is not a list for normal technical support questions - unless it involves, for instance, Swiss keyboards or location.

=== IRC channel ===

We got an IRC channel on Freenode, feel free to join the [[irc://|#ubuntu-ch]] channel for chats and discussions on our Ubuntu activities.

=== Tuxeros ===

Many German speaking Swiss Ubuntu users can be found on [[|]], a social network about Linux & Free Software. It's also used for coordinating local community activities in the German speaking region.

=== Regional contacts ===

Do you prefer real-life meetings? Just get in touch with one of our [[/RegionalContacts|Regional Contacts]].

== Help others ==

{{attachment:contact.png|Contact|align="left"}} If you are an Ubuntu guru and want to give support (either free or for a fee), hand out CD, organise a meeting and more, feel free to add your contact details to the [[/RegionalContacts|Regional Contacts]], sorted by postal code. '''But please, don't forget to include a valid e-mail address so that people can actually contact you. You also have to be subscribed to the mailing list, as we do regular activity checks and need to get in touch with you, this way. '''

== Current Activities ==

=== Team Meetings ===

{{attachment:meeting.png|Meetings|align="left"}} Members of the Ubuntu LoCo Team meet on a regular basis. You are invited to join a meeting in your region or set up your own. Please see the [[/Meetings|Meetings]] page for more information.

=== Events and other activities ===

Besides the regular meetings this is a list of activities that are currently planned:
 * tbd - [[|Ubucon 14]]

=== Ideas ===

We have set up an [[/Ideas|Ideas]] page which is intended for your brain dump and discussion regarding future SwissTeam activities.

== Past Activities and Team Reports ==

You can find reports and links to our past activities here: [[/PastActivities | List of past activities]] as well as the Team Reports here: [[/TeamReports | Team Reports]]

== Marketing Material ==

The !LoCo team coordinates the distribution of the official Ubuntu media in Switzerland. To see the status and learn how to order media and marketing material (e.g. for an event you are planning), please visit the [[/MarketingMaterial|Marketing Material]] page.

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