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Notes from UDS Lucid discussion:

= Symbolic icons =

In karmic, we used '-panel' to signify icons meant for 'symbolic' icons (monochrome)

Other places we want simple, mostly-monochrome icons:
 * Software Center search magnifying glass icons (vs. more complex search icon elsewhere)
 * Clear-text-field icon (vs. more colorful, 3-D clear icon in toolbars etc)
 * List-view header icons (?)
 * Either side of a slider (e.g. Zoom Out / Zoom In in F-Spot)
 * Chromium uses all custom icons by default just so that its toolbar can be all monochrome
 * etc

Proposal is to use a -symbolic namespace
 * themes can support it if they want to, otherwise it will fall back to the non-symbolic version

What about icons working on both white and black backgrounds?
 * A separate namespace means that toolkits can treat the icon colors differently.
   * But applications don't always know what the background color is

Solved for text by using (e.g.) text[NORMAL] or fg[NORMAL].
When drawing icons with code, we can use cairo with foreground color.

== Actions ==

 * Need to define certain names that will be colored by renderers
   * Define a name for say, the red in the battery icon (a 'warning' color), that can be passed into rsvg
 * implement named color handling in rsvg
 * Make sure that panel-theme inheritence works correctly (some themes theme the panel differently, like Dust)
 * Add (Single-paragraph?) addendum to the icon naming specification
 * Write a reference on how to create SVGs that use the named color

perl script in icon-flow to replace a certain color with text[NORMAL]

= Animations =

We don't have a good story for it
 * apng doesn't have good tools
 * mng isn't well supported

Need some way of animating SVGs
 * could be slices like the faux-animated PNGs we use now