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= About Me =

A 28 years old Middle Eastern Linux extremist with a B.A in political science and law. I’m addicted to programming by decision so I’m not looking for a rehab. I do [[ blog]] and [[ Photograph]] and in my free time, I’m just a human.
Started using Ubuntu since the release of Warty Warthog, Ubuntu solved many of my problems so I'm devoting time to contribute to the community

= Contact details =
 * Syntux
 * Jabber: [[MailTo(Jad[at]Syntux[dot]net)]]
 * Email: Same as jabber
 * Blog: [[]]
 * launchpad: [[ launchpad profile]]
 * linkedin [[ profile]]
 * resume:

= Contributions =
 * Ubuntuforums: [[ Jad]]
 * Ubuntu Group on Flickr [[ Ubunters]]
 * [[ FLOSS introductory lecture & install fest at Princess Sumaya university]]
 * Ubuntu Jordan LoCo Team - Team Leader
  * Setting up First Ubuntu Lab in Jordan University (Lab 304 IT Faculty )
  * Setting up Ubuntu Desktop Course at Jordan University and gave the first class (Five days course)
  * Setting up Ubuntu Installation festival at Jordan University
 * Ubuntu Training Community: First I had an idea of establishing a [[ small community for those interested in UCP]] and after [[ discussing the idea with Mark]] we got it an official training community which actually was on Billy's agenda.
 * Contribute to Ubuntu Training Community whenever possible [[ 1]], [[ 2]], [[ 3]]
 * Ubuntu Blogger
  * Technical Blog
  * Preaching and Converting people on my personal blog
  * Helping New comers bloggers
 * [[ Free Software Foundation Associate Member 6333]]
 * [[ Jordan Linux Users Group - Core Member]]
 * [[ Laptop testing - Toshiba Tecra A8]]
= Testimonials =
write something here and get FREE PIZZA

 * Syntux has been active on the loco-contact list, he contributet some good points/things. We had some good chats at irc about running a locoteam JuliusBloch
 * Jad has helped the Ubuntu Loco Team to organize and present a open source awareness lecture at Jordan University, and Princess Sumaya University for Technology. He also helped in getting permission for, and giving the Ubuntu desktop course.
 * Jad is currently undergoing negotiations with the Royal Scientific Society in Jordan, to establish a National Open Source office, that helps in spreading awareness and providing information for the government, public sector, universities, and the general public

Quit IT during 2008/9 recession

Quit IT during 2008/9 recession

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