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A 28 years old Middle Eastern Linux extremist with a B.A in political science and law. I’m addicted to programming by decision so I’m not looking for a rehab. I do blog and Photograph and in my free time, I’m just a human. Started using Ubuntu since the release of Warty Warthog, Ubuntu solved many of my problems so I'm devoting time to contribute to the community

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  • Jad submitted bug reports on the Ubuntu Professional Courses and helped to raise the quality of the product. TorstenSpindler

  • Syntux has been active on the loco-contact list, he contributed some good points/things. We had some good chats at irc about running a locoteam JuliusBloch

  • Jad has helped the Ubuntu Loco Team to organize and present a open source awareness lecture at Jordan University, and Princess Sumaya University for Technology. He also helped in getting permission for, and giving the Ubuntu desktop course. Al-Faisal Al-Dajani]

  • Jad is currently undergoing negotiations with the Royal Scientific Society in Jordan, to establish a National Open Source office, that helps in spreading awareness and providing information for the government, public sector, universities, and the general public. Al-Faisal Al-Dajani

  • I am deeply grateful for Jad for helping me out when I switched to Ubuntu a few months ago. I didn't know much about it and he taught me a lot. He also dedicated his time to solve my problems and answer any questions I had. I am indebted for him due to his kindness and selflessness and willingness to help a complete amateur just because he believed in the principles behind the Ubuntu Linux philosophy. Tololy -
  • Well, I know Jad from JoLUG, as an active core member, he used to take initiatives in different JoLUG activities, when he decided to start the Ubuntu LoCo, it was my pleasure to join that group, not only for the sake of Ubuntu and that I love it, but also to enjoy working with such an inspiring person, his leadership skills is very high, a self-motivated person and a highly skilled Open Source advocate, it is an honor to work with Jad and it is always a joy to meet and discuss things with. Khamis Siksek

Membership approval

   1 <popey> ok
   2 <forumsmatthew> all set
   3 <Seveas> We made a mistake last time
   4 <Seveas> let me get some scrollback, hang on
   5 * phanatic ( has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   6 <Seveas> <Syntux> Seveas, and btw the Americas team did nice thing, they deffer applications for messy wikis and gave them a chance to fix things instead of declining them
   7 <Seveas> phanatic, !
   8 <phanatic> good evening. sorry, i've just arrived at home...
   9 <phanatic> i'll try to catch up
  10 <forumsmatthew> glad you are here!
  11 <forumsmatthew> we just started
  12 <Seveas> I think the americas board did the right thing and retroactively put Syntux on top of the agenda to the position where he was
  13 * sbeattie ( has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  14 <Seveas> does anyone disagree with this way of handling "messy wikis"? It makes sense to me and the CC used to do this as well
  15 <stgraber> makes sense
  16 <Myrtti> hum
  17 <forumsmatthew> I think it sounds like a very good idea and a kind way to deal with the issue
  18 <Seveas> I want to set one condition: the candidate must have spent some time on the wikipage before the first meeting
  19 <Seveas> so it should not look like (one of the current candidates)
  20 <forumsmatthew> agreed on that point
  21 <stgraber> +1
  22 <PriceChild> Sounds like a plan.
  23 <nealmcb> You run the risk of folks not putting as much effort in the first time if there is no consequence - I'd suggest putting such apps at the bottom of the list - that's what happened to me :)
  24 <nealmcb> not that that is much of a consequence....
  25 <forumsmatthew> perhaps we can leave ourselves some leeway on that, and let it depend on how much obvious effort has been put into what is there
  26 <Seveas> nealmcb, the preparation meetings I've done the last two weeks really show how much people have been prepared (or not)
  27 <dsas> Is the list of applicants that big that it really matters?
  28 <Syntux> and I suggest voting +1 for me, else you will have to face me every week on the top on your agenda.
  29 <ompaul> forumsmatthew, you really should have it binary, and defer and then reject if not worked on
  30 <Seveas> dsas, sometimes it is
  31 <Daviey> with weekly meetings, it shouldn;t matter if at the top or bottom imo
  32 <Seveas> dsas, but it's more "rejct vs defer"
  33 <nealmcb> the biggest advantage of a top spot is predictability of when you'll come up
  34 <Seveas> as in "no" or "looking good, but needs some work, come back next time"
  35 * pygi ( has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  36 <Seveas> so, let's start with the candidates. Syntux you're up!
  37 <forumsmatthew> welcome back!
  38 <Seveas> (If anyone objects against me chairing/being secretary, yell!)
  39 <Syntux> Thanks :-)
  40 <popey> deja vu
  41 <popey> OBJECTION!
  42 <forumsmatthew> Seveas, you are doing a good job, and I'm glad to have you do it
  43 <Seveas> popey is now secretary
  44 <popey> eek
  45 <forumsmatthew> lol
  46 <Syntux> Nothing has changed but more photos and certs - enjoy checking my wiki
  47 <popey> objection withdrawn
  48 <Syntux> lol
  49 <forumsmatthew> I have also spent a good amount of time with Syntux this week talking about his accomplishments, etc
  50 <Seveas> I've seen the page already -- it shows more "evidence" than last time and makes me much more comfortable to give a +1
  51 <Syntux> and of course, testimonials (they get free pizza for it)
  52 <Seveas> and matthews mails helped as well
  53 <Seveas> so, +1
  54 * Syntux counting the pluses
  55 <popey> heheh@free pizza
  56 <forumsmatthew> +1
  57 <popey> +1
  58 * osmosis ( has joined #ubuntu-meeting
  59 <phanatic> +1
  60 <Syntux> owi
  61 <stgraber> +1
  62 <Syntux> one more?
  63 <Seveas> PriceChild, what's the verdict? Will we see him again next week or is he ok?
  64 * forumsmatthew nudges PriceChild
  65 <PriceChild> +1 :D
  66 <forumsmatthew> mabrook!!
  67 <popey> tease
  69 <PriceChild> Sorry, just being nosey looking through the photos