Szerencsefia is my actor name since 2006. The words 'Szerencse' and 'Fia' come from Hungarian and when they are together it means 'Son of Luck' - that's I am.

I use my laptop 7/24 and I do care what I look at all the day long. My 'demand' made me to learn how to customize themes and I found it very funny and joyful. It became my hobby.

My interest is to create GTK, Emerald and GRUB themes and I aim to get the very positive look & feel out of what I see and observed in my surrounding and then simplify, mix, match them with my aesthetics.

I like to and I am challenging other actors on different websites. I wanna be popular, famous and of course to contribute to popular Linux versions.

When I use any work made by others I try to be as details as possible on the source and I expect you to do so. It is my pleasure and I am grateful if you think my themes are qualified for your use.

Feel free anytime to send some feedback on the themes to me.

Cheers, Erno Horvath

[Copenhagen, Denmark 2009]


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