April 2014 Team Reports



  1. April 2014 Team Reports
    1. Ubuntu Governance
      1. Community Council
      2. Developer Membership Board
    2. 2014-03-24
      1. Review of previous action items
      2. Xubuntu packageset/MOTU application from Jackson Doak
      3. Any other business
    3. 2014-04-07
    4. Meeting summary
      1. Review of previous action items
      2. Per Package Uploader Application: Benjamin Kerensa
      3. Ubuntu Core dev application: Adam Stokes
      4. Forum Council
  2. An update from the Forums Council for April 2014
  3. Mobile Forum Theme
  4. Next Forum Council Meeting
      1. IRC Council
      2. LoCo Council
      3. Membership Boards
      4. Technical Board
    1. Ubuntu Development Teams
      1. Reviewers Team
      2. Xubuntu Team
      3. Ubuntu Studio
    2. Ubuntu LoCo Teams
      1. Argentina Team
      2. Asturian Team
      3. Australian Team
      4. Belgian Team
      5. Cameroonian Team
      6. Canadian Team
      7. Catalan Team
      8. China Team
      9. Chilean Team
      10. Ubuntu Colombia
      11. Czech Team
      12. Danish Team
      13. Dutch Team
      14. Ecuador Team
      15. French Team
      16. German Kubuntu Team
      17. Greek Team
      18. Honduras Team
      19. Hungarian Team
      20. Indian Team
      21. Ubuntu Ireland
      22. Ubuntu Israel
      23. Japanese Team
      24. Korean Team
      25. Montenegro Team
      26. Nicaraguan Team
      27. Norwegian team
      28. Philippine Team
      29. Quebec Team
      30. Romanian Team
      31. Russian Team
      32. Serbian Team
      33. South African Ubuntu team
      34. Swedish Team
      35. Swiss Team
      36. Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team
      37. Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team
      38. United States Teams
        1. US Teams Project
        2. Ubuntu California
        3. Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
        4. District of Columbia Team
        5. Florida LoCo Team
        6. Iowa Team
        7. New York State Team
        8. Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team
        9. Ohio Team
        10. Oregon Team
        11. Pennsylvania Team
        12. Virginia Team
        13. Washington Team
        14. Wisconsin Team
      39. Ubuntu Venezuela Team
      40. Zimbabwe Team
    3. Additional Ubuntu Teams
      1. Ubuntu Accessibility Team
      2. Ubuntu Classroom Team
      3. Ubuntu NGO Team
      4. Ubuntu Women Team

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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Developer Membership Board


Review of previous action items

The discussion about "Review of previous action items" started at 19:27.

  • stgraber to add the new DMB members, update the IRC bot, wiki, mailing-list subscriptions, IRC ACLs, ...
    • This was all done, except updating the DMB-ping. Robert Wall was updating the DMB-ping when we discussed this action item.

Xubuntu packageset/MOTU application from Jackson Doak

The discussion about "Xubuntu packageset/MOTU application from Jackson Doak" started at 19:32.

  • LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Noskcaj#MOTU

  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak become MOTU?

    • Motion denied (For/Against/Abstained 1/3/0)
  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak get upload rights to the Xubuntu packageset?

    • Motion denied (For/Against/Abstained 1/1/2)
  • Vote: Should Jackson Doak get upload rights for catfish, gthumb, parole, and mugshot?

    • Motion carried (For/Against/Abstained 4/0/0)
    • Scott voted +1 after the meeting had finished.

Any other business

The discussion about "Any other business" started at 20:50.

  • Next chair will be Brian Murray.


Meeting summary

  • Chair: Brian Murray
  • Present: Scott Kitterman, Iain Lane, Dimitri Ledkov, Stephane Graber

Review of previous action items

All items have been done at this time.

Per Package Uploader Application: Benjamin Kerensa

Benjamin did not make it to the meeting.

Ubuntu Core dev application: Adam Stokes

The discussion about "Ubuntu Core dev application: Adam Stokes" started at 15:26.

  • Vote: Adam Stokes for Ubuntu Coredev (Carried with 4/0/1)

Forum Council

An update from the Forums Council for April 2014

The Forum Council gave an update on where we stand with regard to the new process for nominating forum members for moderator positions.

With only 2 self nominations and 4 nominations put forward by the council, the overall feeling was for polling to be abandoned this time around with the 6 current nominees appointed to the moderation team. Learning points to be appraised and the process revisited for next time around.

Full logs can be found here. http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2014/ubuntu-meeting.2014-04-06-20.01.log.html

Congratulations to mc4man, caboose885, deadflowr, steeldriver, slickymaster and sudodus on their appointments. Smile :)

Mobile Forum Theme

s-fox will contact Canonical IS with regard to improving the mobile theme of the forum.

Next Forum Council Meeting

FC to discuss meeting times for next 6 months (continue with first Sunday of the month).

Should you wish to add items to the agenda here is the link.

IRC Council

LoCo Council

Membership Boards

Technical Board

Meeting 2014-04-14:

  • Chair: Steve Langasek
  • Attendees: Adam Conrad, Kees Cook, Marc Deslauriers, St├ęphane Graber
  • Apologies: Martin Pitt
  • Review our current "provisional" Micro Release Exceptions
    • [ACTION] slangasek to work with SRU team to get a list of how the provisional MREs have/haven't been used
  • Ubuntu Kylin/Ubuntu Kylin Archive

  • Chair for next meeting: Martin Pitt

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Xubuntu Team

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Argentina Team

Asturian Team

Australian Team

Belgian Team

Cameroonian Team

Canadian Team

Catalan Team

  • April 1st: irc meeting about what to do the next UGJ.
  • April 5th: Ubuntu Global Jam in Barcelona.
  • April 12th: Opened a ticket for upgrade to Trusty in Caliu (Catalan GNU/Linux Users) Ubuntu server.
  • April 16th: irc meeting about speeches on next Ubuntu release party in Lleida.

China Team

Chilean Team

Ubuntu Colombia

Czech Team

Danish Team

Dutch Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Hungarian Team

Indian Team

Ubuntu Ireland

Ubuntu Israel

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Montenegro Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Quebec Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Serbian Team

* Ubuntu hour - lectures for beginners were held in Belgrade haklab, every Tuesday.

* On Thursday 17th April, Linux in practice was haled in Privredna Komora Beograda.

* On Monday 29th April, Ubuntu Install Day was held in Belgrade haklab.

* Preparation for May 1st Ubuntu Serbia barbecue gathering.

* On Saturday 5th, 12th, 19th 26th April, Administration team meeting was held.

South African Ubuntu team

  • Tue, 29 April: Monthly IRC Meet -- Minutes

Swedish Team

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

  • Ubuntu-touch workshop at "National Engineering School of Sousse"
  • Participation in the international conference JCERTIF Tunisia at "National Engineering School of Sousse"
  • Ubuntu Global Jam 14.04 at "Studies Institute Technology of Mahdia"

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Iowa Team

New York State Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ohio Team

Oregon Team

Pennsylvania Team

Virginia Team

Washington Team

Wisconsin Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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