April 2015 Team Reports


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Ubuntu Governance

Community Council

Developer Membership Board

Forum Council

An update from the Forums Council for April 2015

Super Moderator group

  • The Super Moderator group is working as expected. slickymaster has been promoted Forum Admin after three months in the group, filling a vacant position in the Forum Council.

  • QIII has accepted to join the Super Moderator group to replace slickymaster.

s.fox has stepped down from the Forum Council

We would like to thank s-fox for several years on the Forum Council and for all the cake (please see below). All our best wishes for future endeavors !

Mobile Forum Theme

s-fox has worked on the forums mobile theme to make it look like the regular desktop browser theme. Additional work needs to be done to create new icons, but that will be labor intensive.

Ubuntu membership via forums contributions

The community was solicited by a thread in the restricted (Ubuntu members only) area on the forums, in the open Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat forum and a blog post.

Phone and Tablet Support

Support area for Phone and Tablet added to Specialised Support area.

Next Forum Council Meeting

As no point were raised by forums members in a very long while, it was decided to reduce the FC meeting timing from one every months to one every four months. There is an admin restricted forum where all the FC discussions take place. Reports will be filled to keep the community informed about decisions. Having a monthly meeting to only point out in the #ubuntu-meeting IRC channel what we have already been discussing among us with no one else commenting for over a year seems a bit pointless.

Should you wish to add items to the agenda here is the link.

IRC Council

LoCo Council

Membership Boards

Technical Board

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Xubuntu Team

  • Team Meetings
  • Team Updates
    • ochosi pushed some fixes to Greybird, but likely too minor for 15.04
    • testing for b2 went ok, bugs about - more global than us
    • figures in for QA incentive
    • ochosi prepared a (hacky) patch for ubiquity-dm to hide the desktop icons in bug #1437180
    • exo and thunar fixes uploaded to vivid.
    • March sticker pack winner is PaulW2U
    • Final Beta sticker pack winner is saqman2060
    • Vote: Drop The GIMP from the default seed
    • Vote: drop gnumeric/abiword from the seed
    • Vote: Add Libreoffice or parts of it to the seed
    • the hacky patch from bug #1437180 won't get shipped in 15.04, the bug will remain as it is and we will have to resolve it in 15.10
    • we'll be sharing on social media soon, but here first - polos and sweaters! https://www.hellotux.com/xubuntu

    • Gimp, Abiword and Gnumeric will be dropped for 15.10, LibreOffice (or parts of it) will be installed by default (result of the team vote from last week)

    • Final Freeze tomorrow, Apr 16 at 21:00 UTC
    • any last fixes that aren't RC for Xubuntu need to be in by then (preferably all the RC fixes as well)
    • final freeze for unseeded packages is sometime next Tuesday, anything that's not on any images can still get bugfixes until then
    • ACTION: elfy to draft an EOL announcement (with other flavors)

Ubuntu Studio

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Argentina Team

Asturian Team

Australian Team

Belgian Team

Cameroonian Team

Canadian Team

Catalan Team

  • April 1st: irc meeting discusing next release party

China Team

Chilean Team

Ubuntu Colombia

Czech Team

Danish Team

Dutch Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

Honduras Team

Hungarian Team

Indian Team

Ubuntu Ireland

Ubuntu Israel

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Montenegro Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Quebec Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Serbian Team

* Ubuntu hour - lectures for beginners were held in Belgrade haklab, every Tuesday.

* On Tuesday 7th April Ubuntu LoCo Serbia was present at the OWASEP Evening

* On Monday 27th April, Ubuntu Install Day was held in Belgrade haklab.

* Preparation for May 1st Ubuntu Serbia barbecue gathering.

* On Saturday 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th April, Administration team meeting was held.

South African Ubuntu team

  • Launch of Ubuntu Africa Website http://ubuntu-africa.info/

  • Miles Sharpe appointed on the Ubuntu Membership Board

  • Ubuntu Community Council gives stamp of approval for Ubuntu Africa site
  • Written permission granted by Canonical to use Ubuntu Trademark for Ubuntu Africa site
  • Tue, 28 April: Monthly IRC Meet -- Minutes

Swedish Team

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu Arizona

* 01 April - Westside Ubuntu Hour hosted by programmer317

  • 6 attendees
  • Discussed Ubuntu distributions and Ubuntu 15.04 beta

* 04 April - Linux Installfest co-sponsored by AZLOCO and PLUG

  • 15 attendees
  • Repaired 3 servers, 2 desktop installs

* 12 April - AZLOCO IRC meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 18 April - Linux Installfest co-sponsored by AZLOCO and PLUG

  • 17 attendees
  • Five server configs, 1 raspberry pi project, 1 custom router flash, three OS update repairs, 1 Linux install, two VM installs, one Microsoft Windows repair.

* 19 April - AZLOCO IRC meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 23 April - Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • Only one member attended
  • Answered passer-by questions concerning Linux and Ubuntu

* 23 April - Tempe - Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 14 attendees
  • The event turned into a large pi project evening

* 26 April - AZLOCO IRC meeting chaired by Todd Cole

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Iowa Team

New York State Team

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ohio Team

Oregon Team

Pennsylvania Team

Virginia Team

Washington Team

Wisconsin Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

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