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== Jordan Team == === Jordan Team ===

August 2008 Team Reports

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Development Teams

Team Name

  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Team Name

  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item
  • Report Item

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

LoCo Council

  • No meeting held

Arabic Team

  • is up and running now
  • Team working on new translator guide
  • Planning and preparing for a sponsored translation campaign to boost up the translation process (packages, docs, wiki)
  • Received a sponsored dedicated server from and now is able to provide hosting to Arabia LoCo teams

  • We have our own IRC bot now, yet we have to configure it to suit our needs.
  • Trying to host all Non official arabic packages, fixes and apps that serves Arab users in team PPA.
  • The forum should be ready soon, we got sponsored vB license and now waiting to get ubuntu theme from ubuntuforums admin.

Georgia US Team

Japanese Team

  • Japanese Team was successfully re-approved by LoCo Council.

  • Hajime Mizuno and Hideki Yamane joined the Japanese LoCo Team.

  • was switched to the new archive mirror server maintained by Japanese Team:

Jordan Team

  • Distributed 250 CD around members work colleagues
  • Team lawyer is working with RSS on the legal agreement with the Royal Scientific Society

IRC Team

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