May 2011 Team Reports



  1. May 2011 Team Reports
    1. Ubuntu Governance
      1. Americas Regional Membership Board
      2. Community Council
      3. Developer Membership Board
      4. EMEA Regional Membership Board
      5. Forum Council
      6. IRC Council
      7. LoCo Council
      8. Technical Board
    2. Ubuntu Development Teams
      1. Reviewers Team
      2. Xubuntu Team
      3. Xubuntu team report for May, 2011
        1. Bug Triage
        2. Packaging, Development, & Testing
        3. Website & Marketing
        4. Artwork
        5. Community
        6. Documentation
      4. Ubuntu Studio
  2. Release Development
  3. Website Update
  4. ubuntustudio-controls
  5. Backports
  6. Bug Reports
    1. Opened Bugs
    2. Updated Bugs
    3. Marked as Incomplete Bugs
    4. Closed Bugs
  7. Kernel Development
    1. Ubuntu LoCo Teams
      1. Argentina Team
      2. Asturian Team
      3. Australian Team
      4. Belgian Team
      5. Cameroonian Team
      6. Canadian Team
      7. Catalan Team
      8. China Team
      9. Chilean Team
      10. Ubuntu Colombia
      11. Czech Team
      12. Danish Team
      13. Ecuador Team
      14. French Team
      15. German Kubuntu Team
      16. Greek Team
      17. Honduras Team
      18. Hungarian Team
      19. Indian Team
      20. Ubuntu Ireland
      21. Ubuntu Israel
      22. Japanese Team
      23. Korean Team
      24. Nicaraguan Team
      25. Norwegian team
      26. Philippine Team
      27. Quebec Team
      28. Romanian Team
      29. Russian Team
      30. Serbian Team
      31. South African Ubuntu team
      32. Swedish Team
      33. Swiss Team
      34. Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team
      35. Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team
      36. United States Teams
        1. US Teams Project
        2. Ubuntu California
        3. Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
        4. District of Columbia Team
        5. Florida LoCo Team
        6. Iowa Team
        7. New York State Team
        8. Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team
        9. Ohio Team
        10. Pennsylvania Team
        11. Virginia Team
        12. Washington Team
      37. Ubuntu Venezuela Team
      38. Zimbabwe Team
    2. Additional Ubuntu Teams
      1. Ubuntu Accessibility Team
      2. Ubuntu Beginners Team
      3. Ubuntu Classroom Team
      4. Ubuntu NGO Team
      5. Ubuntu Women Team

If your team is not making team reports, see these guidelines for how to do so.

Ubuntu Governance

Americas Regional Membership Board

Community Council

  • Meeting 2011-05-03
    • Discuss the closing of Sounder and moderation of Ubuntu mailing list in general.
    • Alan Pope will create a blueprint to discuss this at UDS-O that Mike Basinger will drive.

    • Meeting Log

  • Meeting 2011-05-17
    • "Revisit the decision on the sounder mailing list" was on the agenda, but nobody turned up to discuss it.

Developer Membership Board

EMEA Regional Membership Board

Forum Council

An update from the Forums Council for May of 2011

  1. First I am pleased to announce, as a part of integrating the Forums within the Ubuntu Community, we have implemented a path to Ubuntu Membership via Forums Participation.

  2. Welcome the newest Ubuntu Members !!!

  3. The upgrade to VB4 is still "in the works" and we do not yet have a set date for going live with VB4 and the new theme.
  4. We are planning to add 3 new FC members.

IRC Council

IRC Council Meeting 2011-05-29 (Full Log)

  • Previous meeting actions
    • remove idoru from #ubuntu for a 2 week trial and see if heaven falls/bad things (tm) happen (nhandler)
      • Vote: have ubottu nag -ops-team about floodbot bans/quiets.
        • only if nags are about "old" bans/quiets, not as they happen
        • Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3
    • Take "Define ubuntu namespace limits" to the mailing list. (topyli) (review)
      • Done, not much activity on the mailing list though
    • Add eir to #ubuntu (review)
      • Live testing taking place over the next couple of days, if all goes well it can be put into ubottu
    • New bugs
  • Policy on extra-namespace trolling

    • Noted that this would be best placed in freenode policy
    • Vote: Amend the guidelines in reference to the above

      • Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3
    • Action: topyli to update the IRC Guidelines (until freenode policy includes it)
  • More ops in #ubuntu-ops
    • The application process for operators in #ubuntu-ops is a little odd, as applicants must already be operators in one or more Core channels already.

    • Operators should have "automatic" approval to gain +o in #ubuntu-ops after 12 months, if they are active and have no other issues.
    • Vote: Allow "automatic" approval of +o in #ubuntu-ops after 12 months.
      • Final result is 3 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 3
    • Agreed: "automatic" approval of +o in #ubuntu-ops after 12 months
    • Action: tsimpson to edit the operator requirements wiki page regarding auto +o in #ubuntu-ops

  • Action: tsimpson to do post-meetings tasks

Other items

LoCo Council

  • LoCo Council Meeting 2011-04-19

    • We reviewed the last meeting and went over our progress over the last month.
  • ReApprovals

    • We spammed all teams (27 in total) who need to go through the process with bug mail.
  • Pending Approvals
    • Last Cycle
      • ubuntu-il
      • ubuntu-us-az
    • This Cycle
      • Thai Loco Team
      • Ubuntu Venezuela Team
      • Ubuntu Team Philippines
      • Ubuntu Portugal
      • Ubuntu Polish LoCo Team

      • Ubuntu Perú
      • Ubuntu Norge
      • Ubuntu-Michigan
      • Ubuntu Maryland LoCo Team

      • Pennsylvania - US LoCo Team

      • Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team

      • Ubuntu Japanese Team
      • Ubuntu DK
      • Ubuntu Swiss Team
      • Ubuntu UK
      • Ubuntu Ireland
      • Ubuntu El Salvador Team
      • Ubuntu Croatian Advocates
      • Thai Loco Team
      • Ubuntu Tamil Team
      • Ubuntu New York State
      • Ubuntu California
      • Georgia LoCo

      • Argentina LoCo

      • Ubuntu Brazilian Users
      • Ubuntu China LoCo Team

  • Blocked Items
    • No blocked items.

Technical Board

  • Meeting 2011-05-19
    • Chair: Mark Shuttleworth
    • Present: Colin Watson, Kees Cook, Martin Pitt, Scott James Remnant
    • Apologies:
    • Guests: Micah Gersten
    • action review
      • Rick Spencer had raised the Unity-by-default decision for discussion. The desktop team was supportive of the decision, but there was a lack of clarity as to whether they had, or needed, the support of the TB for it. Some clarification of the natural boundaries of responsibility between TB, Release, Desktop and Server teams was discussed, the feeling being that TB should normally allow those teams to make such decisions, except in exceptional circumstances which affect multiple teams (upstart was given as an example).
      • MDZ was working on a series of Debian-related bugs, which are either fixed or now being tracked as part of DEX.
    • Status of Lubuntu
      • Approved as official Ubuntu project, pending additional space on (in progress)
      • No announcement but Lubuntu free to act as official project
      • Thanks and congrats to Lubuntu team!
    • Ffmpeg vs libav
      • [ACTION] Kees to invite Siretart to comment to TB on TB list, or private if appropriate.
    • Follow-up on Ubuntu bug 451390 in ubuntu-community "limited upload rights no longer give series nomination accept/decline rights" [Undecided,New]
      • Confirmed fixed
    • TB will appoint a community representative to the LP Stakeholders meeting. Persia to see if Bryce is willing to serve in that capacity.
    • Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed (standing item)
      • Only item is Evan Dandrea's question around the installer, agreed to let that percolate on-list.
    • Check up on community bugs (standing item)
      • bug 252368 in Launchpad itself "Automatically associate DD and DM accounts with GPG keys in keyring packages" [Low,Triaged] will be raised in the next LP stakeholders meeting
    • Select a chair for the next meeting
      • mdz selected, next meeting is 2 June

Ubuntu Development Teams

Reviewers Team

Xubuntu Team

Xubuntu team report for May, 2011

Bug Triage

  • Triaged over 100 bugs this month.
  • Began smoke testing the images for Oneiric Ocelot.

Packaging, Development, & Testing

  • Many bugs have been fixed.
  • Released Natty Narwhal, Xubuntu 11.04 on April 29, 2011.
  • Started work on the next release of Xubuntu, Oneiric Ocelot.

Website & Marketing

  • Approval has been received for the website to be converted to Wordpress.
  • Website team is currently working out where to place a staging site for Wordpress. Staging site set up by Canonical is for them to test what we have only.
  • Xubuntu needs a Marketing Lead. Contact us per or email, if interested.



  • We are striving to get more users to blog about Xubuntu. We would like to get word out of the changes being made, as well as new releases.
  • The Xubuntu Community holds a regular meeting on Monday at 19:00 UTC in #xubuntu-devel.
  • Minutes and Logs from the meetings are available at

  • The community meeting was held on 2011-05-23.


Ubuntu Studio

Release Development

See the Oneiric release planning wiki page for details.

  • TODO

Website Update

See the Website Update wiki page for details.

  • Brian David emailed the dev mailing list with the example website files for testing
    • Testers will need a local instance of Drupal
    • Testers will most likely also need a local instance of MySQL
    • Testing will need to follow the included README.txt file
  • ScottLavender agreed to prepare 2nd draft of site map focusing on primary features


See the -controls development wiki page for details.

  • ailo and paultag have been hacking up code for the update
  • ScottLavender is getting anxious to get it built, testing, and pushed to the repos :/


See the Ubuntu Studio Backports wiki page for details.

Bug Reports

Opened Bugs

  • Several backport requests were filed. See BACKPORTS section above for details.
  • TODO

Updated Bugs

  • TODO

Marked as Incomplete Bugs

  • TODO

Closed Bugs

  • TODO

Kernel Development

  • ScottLavender began building -lowlatency kernel with aboganni's assistance in hopes of getting it in Natty

  • It is realised the window for getting the -lowlatency kernel in Natty is very slim

Ubuntu LoCo Teams

Argentina Team

Asturian Team

Australian Team

  • May Meeting - Regular Team Meeting held 10th May, chaired by JaredNorris and attended by 5 team members. The topics for discussion were differed to the mailing list or the next meeting. The decision was taken to change the day of the meeting to Sunday. A successful effort in increasing attendance, which has now almost doubled.

  • JoelPickett has started a translation team focused on Launchpad hosted software under the en-AU branch - the mailing list announcement can be read here and those interested in further information can find it on the group's new Launchpad page.

  • In response to team feedback JaredNorris has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of roles in the Ubuntu-AU team which can be found on the updated Contact Us page.

  • Discussion began about the use of social media for the Ubuntu Australia Loco. Action has since been taken on this front and the Loco now has a number of social media profiles which will increase its exposure and foster communitation within the team.

Belgian Team

  • May 5th: IRC Meeting with JanC, massimo21, jurgentje, woutervddn

  • May 12th: IRC Meeting with JanC, massimo21, clamam, jurgentje, DarkEra, woutervddn

  • May 26th: IRC Meeting with JanC, massimo21, clamam, jurgentje, DarkEra, mongolito404, hfsdo, tom___, pvr (=pep_), woutervddn

Cameroonian Team

This is the activities report of May.

Canadian Team

  • May 17: IRC Meeting.

  • May 18: Waterloo Ubuntu Hour
  • May 28: First ever Toronto Ubuntu Hour at Linuxcaffe.

Catalan Team

China Team

Chilean Team

Ubuntu Colombia

Czech Team

  • Release Party Ostrava

    • Presentators, Presentations and Program

      • Start 10:00 AM

        • Tadeáš Pařík - Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal presentation about new Unity, practical examples and tips (download here:

        • Martin Kiklhorn - Kubuntu 11.04 "everything" about new Kubuntu (download here:

        • Vlastimil Ott (Liberix) - Liberix, o.p.s. and their activities open source in practical examples

      • Lunch 12:00 AM - 01:00 PM

        • Vojtěch Trefný ( - Ubuntu Community structure of the Ubuntu Community, not only in the Czech republic...(download here:

        • Miroslav Hrončok (LinuxEXPRES) - Xfce/Xubuntu "everything" about new Xubuntu (download here:

        • David Strnad (EliteChoice) - Ubuntu and Municipal Office in Skalica (Slovak republic) 120 new PCs with Ubuntu and savings 70% - comparing the other systems (download here:

      • End 03:00 PM

    There was very nice atmosphere and very nice discussion between visitors and presentators. All visitors had a possibility to visit our "technical window" of our Releas Party, where they could solve all problems with their PCs.
  • Live meeting in Brno - informal discussion

  • Live meeting in Prague - informal discussion

  • 05/26/2011 IRC Conference - official log is here

    • Release Party in Ostrava
    • Czech forum
    • Official Czech Ubuntu Community
    • Video cast
    • New list of Ubuntu friendly notebooks

Danish Team

Ecuador Team

French Team

  • May 3rd - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organization meeting
  • May 7th - Premier Samedi du Libre in Paris
    This is a multi-distribution small install fest where around 60 people come to get help configuring and installing their Linux system.

  • May 8th - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organization meeting
  • May 10th, 11th, 12th - Solution Linux in Paris, It's a professional event were we are going and hold a both. It's a great opportunity to talk about the community and to share our ressources with others.
  • May 14th - Natty Party chez Giroll in Bordeaux, great install party, workshops, talks, demonstrations, accessibility and a webradio covering the event.
  • May 14th - Install Party 11.04 in Saint-Seurin sur L'Isle
  • May 17th - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organization meeting
  • May 18th - Install Party in Arras
  • May 21st - Journée Corrézienne du Libre in Tulle, workshops, conferences, demonstrations and installations.
  • May 21th - Découverte des logiciels libres et d’Ubuntu in Aubazines
  • May 21th - Install Party in Romorantin Lanthenay organised by Lolix
  • May 22th - Ubuntu Party 11.04 in Paris - Organization meeting, the last before the event
  • May 27th, 28yh, 29th - Ubuntu Party in Paris, the biggest public event on Ubuntu, with 135 volunteers, 6 month of organization, 22 hours of conferences, 14 hours of courses, 10 hours of workshops, 3 days of installation, 3 days of continuous demonstrations, 3 days of games, 3 days of amazing experience for everyone.
  • May - We started to test Sympa to hold our mailing lists (, we also are using seeks for the search on our forum. To improve the documentation speed, we are experimenting the cache service Varnish for anonymous readers, it's really efficient.

German Kubuntu Team

Greek Team

May report

  • Dimitrios Ntoulas (the_eye_) a valuable member of our community has been approved as an Ubuntu Member by the EMEA council. Congratulations to Dimitris!
  • K. Togias made a presentation of Ubuntu at FOSSCOMM 2011.

  • Natty's release was celebrated with two release parties one in Athens the other in Salonica. Have a look at the photos and video from the Salonica party and you can find photos from the Athens party here and here.

Honduras Team

Hungarian Team

Indian Team

  • Held monthly team meeting at #ubuntu-in. See Minutes of the meeting.

  • nigelb opened the membership of the Indian team on lp. See the MailingList

  • Manish blogged about Gnome.Asia.

  • Manish took a session on Zeitgeist API & Zeitgeist Application Integration during Ubuntu App Developer Week. (IRC Logs)

  • Abhinav fixed a couple of bugs in Ubuntu. (Bug #757635, Bug #765600)

Ubuntu Ireland

Ubuntu Israel

Japanese Team

Korean Team

Nicaraguan Team

Norwegian team

Philippine Team

Quebec Team

Romanian Team

Russian Team

Serbian Team

South African Ubuntu team

apologies for the catchup report

  • 6 May: Natty Release Party Pretoria

  • 16 May: irc meeting highlight loco contact to change shortly

  • 16 May ongoing: organising regional contacts to help with CD distribution. We have PE, Bloemfontein, Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and East London so far.

Swedish Team

  • LoCo meeting held on the 25th

    • Regular meeting.

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

  • Organisation of the InstallParty Ubuntu 11.04 at at "the association Youth and Science of Tunis"

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

District of Columbia Team

Florida LoCo Team

Please update with Team Activity for 11/May here.

Iowa Team

New York State Team

IconsPage/32pixel/32neotux.png IconsPage/32pixel/32people.png IconsPage/32pixel/32linuxhw.png IconsPage/32pixel/32cdrom.png 20110505 7:30am - 3pm Mercury Fest Pictures

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team

Ohio Team

Pennsylvania Team

Virginia Team

Washington Team

  • Booth at LFNW April 30-May1 Blog

  • Began planning a geeknic for summer 2011 somewhere in or near Seattle
  • Open Week session by Valorie Zimmerman: Introducing Kubuntu. Logs, Blog

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

It was held in the City of Calabazo Edo Guarico Release Party 11.04. It was developed in the facilities of the Institut Universitaire de Technologie de los Llanos Calabozo. There were about 50 people were given several talks between which there was talk of Ubuntu and Ubuntu Venezuela. Speaker


  • Students IUTLL, around 50 students
    • 30 students in the morning and 20 students in the afternoon.
  • 2 assistant teachers.


  • No sponsors.




  3. Ubuntu and the Power of Your Environment

* Photos:

* Promotional Page:

* Register event:

* Confirmation of completion:

Zimbabwe Team

Additional Ubuntu Teams

Ubuntu Accessibility Team

Ubuntu Beginners Team

Ubuntu Classroom Team

Ubuntu NGO Team

Ubuntu Women Team

  • May 5 Valorie gave a talk in #ubuntu-classroom for OpenWeek; an Introduction to Kubuntu. Logs:

  • LinuxFest Northwest April 30-May 1, Valorie Zimmerman staffed a booth for the Washington State LoCo, displaying and handing U-W fliers and cards, and discussing the project with many people. Sunday I was able to give sit-down tutorials of IRC and so forth to two women. Smile :-)

  • Held session at Ubuntu Developer Summit for project goals (notes, blueprint)

  • Team meeting May 19th

  • Of the 648 Ubuntu Members at the end of this month 5.25% are women

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