September 2015 Team Reports


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Review of previous action items

The discussion about "Review of previous action items" started at 15:04.

  • bdmurray to setup a pad for the dmb to collaborate on response for noskcaj (15:04)

    • Done in a bzr branch instead. Others need to contribute.

  • Laney to start an onboarding page for new dmb members (15:11)

    • ACTION: laney stop slacking and write onboarding page

  • michag to confirm if mozc packageset change happened (15:12)

  • michag to follow up with Unit193 about their application and a meeting date (15:13)

    • This is done

PPU application: ShuiLu Pi for ubuntukylin-default-settings

The discussion about "PPU application: ShuiLu Pi for ubuntukylin-default-settings" started at 15:16.

  • Vote: grant ShuiLu Pi upload rights for ubuntukylin-default-settings (Carried)


The discussion about "AOB" started at 16:35.

Vote results

People present (lines said)

  • Laney (61)
  • pishuilu (38)
  • bdmurray (15)
  • meetingology (15)
  • xnox (8)
  • ubottu (5)
  • stgraber (4)
  • cyphermox (2)

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* Ubuntu hour - lectures for beginners were held in Belgrade haklab, every Tuesday.

* On 11th till 13th, Balkan Computer Congress - BalCCon were held. Ubuntu LoCo has presentation of local community and new Ubuntu realizes.

* On Saturday 19th, Software Freedom Day Party was held at the O3on gallery at Belgrade.

* On Saturday 26th, Developers' mDay were held in Heineken brewery, and Ubuntu LoCo was present.

* On Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th, Administration team meeting was held.

South African Ubuntu team

  • September 2015 Report
  • Tue, 22 September: Monthly IRC Meet -- Minutes

Swedish Team

Swiss Team

Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team

  • Ubuntu-tn @ExpressFm - Talk about the LoCo on a famous Tunisian Radio show about IT - Link

  • SFD 2015 Preparations - Contribute to the SFD 2015 preparations.
  • LibreOffice Training - Plan a LO training for school kids after a request from JCI Rades

Ubuntu United Kingdom LoCo Team

United States Teams

US Teams Project

Ubuntu Arizona

* 02 September - Westside Ubuntu Hour hosted by programmer317

  • 3 attendees
  • Discussed running Ubuntu 15.04 or a server version in Virtural Box from Macbook air. Issues around nomodeset and login loop were a concern.

* 03 September - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by pavlos

  • 5 attendees
  • Discussed Own Cloud concepts and use and Miller columns on Mac OS
  • Installed Virtual Box on Kubuntu, installed guest OSs, & imported various applications

  • Set up a planning session for future team servers use.

* 06 September - AZLOCO meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 13 September - AZLOCO meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 19 September - Installfest cosponsored by AZLOCO and PLUG

  • 16 attendees
  • 1 new install and 6 other issues were handled.

* 20 September - AZLOCO meeting chaired by Todd Cole

* 24 September - Sierra Vista Ubuntu Hour hosted by Rex Bouwense

  • 8 attendees
  • Discussed topics for very short FOSS and other presentations at future Ubuntu Hour meetings
  • Discussed ways to increase attendance at future meetings
  • Discussed cooperation with Cochise Linux User Group

* 24 September - Tempe Ubuntu Hour hosted by Todd Cole

  • 6 attendees
  • Met one long time Linux user and discussed AZLoco eventsdiscussed network management/design
  • Discussed What should be minimum specs for installfest computers(no agreement)
  • Discussed fast install Linux options
  • tested one lapdock operation
  • discussed network management/design

* 27 September - AZLOCO weekly meeting chaired by Todd Cole

Ubuntu California

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