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 * [[TeamReports/July2015|July 2015]]  * [[TeamReports/September2015|September 2015]]
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 * [[TeamReports/June2015|June 2015]]  * [[TeamReports/August2015|August 2015]]
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 * [[TeamReports/July2015|July 2015]]
 * [[TeamReports/June2015|June 2015]]

To ensure the wider Ubuntu community knows what different people are working on, teams are expected to provide short monthly reports of what they are working on. This helps us all know what the project as a whole is working on.

If your team is not producing monthly reports, see this page to get your team started.


If you are starting a new month's report, use this template.

Next Report In Progress

This report is currently being written, and is not complete.

Current Complete Report

This is the latest complete report.

Previous Reports

These are archived reports from previous months.

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