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 * Automatically import teams from `~ubuntu-council-teams` and `~locoteams`  * Automatically import teams from `~ubuntu-council-teams` ((./)) and `~locoteams`


The Team Reports App is project that is trying to replace TeamReports and make it easier to get involved. The code can be found at


  • Automatically import teams from ~ubuntu-council-teams ((./)) and ~locoteams

  • Login via Launchpad OpenID (./)

  • Proposing new teams to be added (./)

  • Admin interface for (./)

    • accepting new teams,
    • assigning team categories (technical team, governance board, loco team, etc.) and
    • ordering teams in the resulting team reports
  • multiple views on team reports
    • by team category,
    • by month,
    • by year, etc.)
  • editing
    • login, (./)

    • if you're member of the team (or assigned as responsible),
    • you can easily add new team report notes
    • per wysiwyg editor

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