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 * '''Qt Packages in Ubuntu''' tsimonq2 has some inquiries regarding updating of Qt in stable releases (Is it reasonable to deliver whole bugfix point releases of Qt as Stable Release Updates?).  * ''ACTION:'' bashfulrobot / fossfreedom - review and discuss Ubuntu Budgie LTS proposal. Current draft located at

This page records the Agenda for the next meeting of the Ubuntu Technical Board. Please see the Ubuntu Governance page for details on participation.

If you have a question to raise with the Board, you can reach the Technical Board members directly by e-mailing They may decide that your issue should be discussed at the next meeting, in which case they will add it to this page.

The meeting schedule is available on the fridge calendar. We meet in channel #ubuntu-meeting-2 on

The next meeting is set for 2017-12-19, 20:00 London time. chair: infinity, backup: kees The agenda will include the following:

  • Apologies:
  • Action review:
    • ACTION: infinity to ask maas team to prepare SRU exception policy à la CurtinUpdates

    • ACTION: infinity to play with seed/maint-check changes on dogfood to build a new xenial release pocket for support length auditing (ETA: 16.04.3 release)

    • ACTION: slangasek to investigate getting tagged ubuntu-community bugs automatically forwarded to technical-board, and if not feasible, fall back to DMB sending signed emails to list for ACL requests

  • ACTION: bashfulrobot / fossfreedom - review and discuss Ubuntu Budgie LTS proposal. Current draft located at

  • [Add new agenda items above this line - include your name]
  • Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed (standing item)

  • Check up on community bugs (standing item)

  • Select a chair for the next meeting (next from

Logs from previous meetings may be found at or Logs from older meetings are available via MootBot.


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