I, Ted Gould, apply for core-dev.


Ted Gould

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Who I am

Just a guy. Just a guy that wants people who don't love computers to get the benefits of Open Source. Just a guy that wants to unlock the creative potential of everyone without requiring them to get permissions, clearance and approval before they create. Just a human being that loves other humans.

My Ubuntu story

I initially came to Ubuntu as an upstream developer. I was attempting (failing) to be the maintainer of gnome-media. One of my biggest problems was keeping up with the GNOME stack that was constantly changing. By the time I would get everything in a state that I felt comfortable testing patches the time I had for doing it was gone. I came to get a more up-to-date GNOME so that I could spend more time working ON GNOME instead of building it.

What I found was more than I was looking for. What I found was a group of people taking pragmatic real-world decisions to ensure that open source software got into the hands of users in a place where they could use it. While I love the fun of an installfest, we simply can't scale with it, we need people have a good experience on their own. And it was clear to me that this was the best opportunity to bring Open Source to all my friends and relatives.


My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

Let us know what you worked on, with which development teams / developers with whom you cooperated and how it worked out.

Things I could do better

Plans for the future


What I like least in Ubuntu

I think that Ubuntu has a lot of refined processes for what gets into Ubuntu, from reviews to confirmations to simple processes of versioning. What it lacks is process on what gets out of Ubuntu. If a package becomes unmaintained, what happens to it? When should there be a new security review? How many CVE's do you have to have before getting smacked? What if there is simply a better program at implementing those features? These are all complex questions that need to be handled with a nuanced approach, but are important to maintaining the health of the project long term.


If you'd like to comment, but are not the applicant or a sponsor, do it here. Don't forget to sign with @SIG@.


As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.


=== General feedback ===
## Please fill us in on your shared experience. (How many packages did you sponsor? How would you judge the quality? How would you describe the improvements? Do you trust the applicant?)

=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
''Please add good examples of your work together, but also cases that could have handled better.''
=== Areas of Improvement ===

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