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  ||<rowbgcolor="#d9bb7a">Moin|| http://www.mdke.org/tmp/wikis/ubuntu-wiki-theme.tgz <!>Link broken ||   ||<rowbgcolor="#d9bb7a">Moin|| http://www.mdke.org/tmp/wikis/ubuntu-wiki-theme.tgz <!> Link broken ||

In this page you can find some templates based in Ubuntu-human theme.

They can be used to make websites based on the Ubuntu style.

Should I make a site that looks just like Ubuntu?

Carefully consider what benefit there is to making your site look like Ubuntu's. In most cases there is little benefit. You can create a unique design for your site that still feels harmonious and connected to the Ubuntu site by appropriately using the Ubuntu logo, using a warm, "human" colour palette. You are welcome to use the below material as a reference but strongly consider creating a site that is unique to your community.

* note that there are legal/copyright issues involved and Canonical has asked sites that inappropriately use Ubuntu trademarks to make changes.





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