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= Tenach =
== About Tenach ==
I am a 21 year old web developer/computer enthusiast from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I first started using Ubuntu when it was at version 7.04, on my laptop. Though this was not my first Linux OS, it has fast become my favorite. The community has helped me learn my way around Ubuntu (and Linux in general) and I have done my best to give back. I have seriously started working with Python and C++ since adopting Ubuntu.
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== Contributions to the Community ==
* '''IRC'''
I've lived in #ubuntu and #ubuntuforums-beginners (now #ubuntu-beginners) ever since I realized that I could join the community in IRC (Ubuntu is the first reason I have adopted IRC). I am often idle in #ubuntu-beginners and help whenever I am able.

* '''Forums'''
I try to help out wherever possible in the forums, mostly with laptop issues. I am always aiming to find someone to help, and try to post something of value instead of repeating someone else.

* '''In the World'''
I often advocate for Ubuntu, spreading the word to family, friends, and those who's computers I work on. Ubuntu is always the option I provide as an alternative to buying a new, prohibitive OS license.

== Contact ==
 * '''IRC''' - tenach on irc.freenode.net
  * #ubuntu-beginners
  * #ubuntu
  * #ubuntuforums
 * Email: <<MailTo(thomas AT thescoundrels DOT net)>>

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