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{*} Aiming to become a Beginners Team Member.<<BR>> {*} Became a Beginners Team Member in 2010.<<BR>>

Launchpad ID:


Ubuntu Forums:



tenach on irc.freenode.net





GPG Key:


Ubuntu User


About Tenach

Have been a Linux user since 2003 when I first installed Red Hat on an old Pentium 233Mhz machine. Moving from Fedora to Debian to Arch, I adopted Ubuntu 7.04 on my desktop. I started working with the web in 2002 and started professionally in 2004. Ubuntu ignited my interest in Free and Open Source Software, as well as a new found passion for helping others with their technology problems. Since using Ubuntu, I have started utilizing bash scripting, Python and Lua.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

Ubuntu I help out where I can within the Ubuntu Forum and IRC channels (Ubuntu and Beginners Team)
Ubuntu Provide web help, technical writing, and debugging for individuals and projects that are in need
Ubuntu Taken on as Padawan by Bodsa in 2009
Ubuntu Became a Beginners Team Member in 2010.


Ubuntu Advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software where possible
Ubuntu Help friends and family become acquainted with Ubuntu and encourage their exploration of Open Source software.
Ubuntu Maintain several Ubuntu machines including laptops, desktops and a server.
Ubuntu Local tech support for Open source operating systems.

Current Projects

Ubuntu Zenix: Zenix is a remix of Ubuntu with a Buddhist mind set, conceived by Bodhi Zazen. Provide mirror hosting and testing.
Ubuntu Whube: Contributing code, debugging, and document writing to Whube, a F/OSS Bug tracker, created by paultag
Ubuntu Working on a simple, modular, F/OSS webcomic website engine that will be released under GPL when ready.


Ubuntu Create Free and Open software that benefits the Linux community
Ubuntu To increase the Linux footprint locally and abroad.
Ubuntu Continue to help and support new users.


Tenach is a very committed hard working individual. He is always willing to spend his time to help others. I strongly support his application for Beginners Team membership. Bodsda

Tenach Tenach Tenach!!!! What can I say! He's always helpful when he's in the team channel(s), he's willing to help wherever he can whenever he can, and his Wiki skill are par excellence...I fully support his application for Beginners Team Membership. Way to go Tenach! ZachK_

Sheesh. The mark of a good writer is "Look, I'm sorry this is 20 pages, I only had a day", not "Look, I'm so happy it's 20 pages". In the case of Tenach, I don't think we can hit that 20 page deadline. Wherever you are in the community, chances are Tenach is willing to get involved. A truly self-motivated and driven individual, and decidedly donkey-like in his unrepentant devotion to a project. I know that Tenach is one of the first people I go to when starting on a new venture, and he is a truly invaluable asset to the Beginners Team. I support his application without reserve, hesitation or condition. -- paultag 2010-06-04 05:48:00


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