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= About =
Hello, my name is Thomas Martin and I am an information architect in the Pacific Northwest, residing in the state of Washington. You will find me online, more often than not, under the name tenach.

Linux was introduced to me long before I really knew what it meant, though I started using it myself in 2003. At that time I was running Red Hat on an old Pentium 233MHz tower as a server for a game. The first distribution I used for desktop purposes was Fedora, dual booting with Windows XP. I became a distro hopper and tried out Debian, Arch Linux, FreeBSD, Slackware, and Ubuntu, ultimately sticking with Ubuntu 7.04, but still dual booting. Since then, I've stuck with Ubuntu and as of mid-2009, stopped using non-free operating systems.

Linux and Ubuntu in particular have ignited my interest in Free and Open Source Software as well as giving a home to my passion for helping others with their problems, technology-related and otherwise.

= Quick Facts =
{*} [[http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=434264|Ubuntu Forum Profile]]<<BR>>
{*} [[https://edge.launchpad.net/~tenach|Launchpad Profile]]<<BR>>
{*} I am on irc.freenode.net with the nick of tenach<<BR>>
{*} I am #17241 according to [[http://ubuntucounter.geekosophical.net|Ubuntu Counter]].

= Current Projects =
{*} '''Whube Project''': I am a core developer for the Whube Project, and am currently active with building the Whube Web Framework, Whubebugs, and syn (a package manager).<<BR>>
{*} '''Scrib''': scrib is a small, modular bot written in Python. At its core, it provides info/chat bot functionality for IRC. Code is released under AGPL and available on [[http://github.com/thescoundrels/scrib|github]].
{*} '''Hopewell-Loudon Virtualization Project''': I am mentoring students in the building of a cloud computing system where staff and employees can access their documents from any computer with a web operating system.

= Goals =
{*} Create Free and Open software that benefits the Linux community<<BR>>
{*} To increase the Linux footprint locally and abroad.<<BR>>
{*} Continue to help and support new users.<<BR>>
{*} To become part of the MOTU and/or become an Ubuntu Member

= Ubuntu Involvement =
The areas that I am most involved with are listed below. If ever you have a question, feel free to ask!

== Ubuntu Forum ==
While I don't have a very high post count, I do try to help people there when I have something relevant to say, that hasn't already been said in any given thread.

== Ubuntu Beginners Team ==
{*} I help out where I can within the Ubuntu Forum and IRC channels (Ubuntu and Beginners Team)<<BR>>
{*} part of the Beginners Team Development Focus Group<<BR>>
{*} Provide web help, technical writing, and debugging for individuals and projects that are in need<<BR>>
{*} Taken on as Apprentice by [[Bodsda]] in 2009<<BR>>
{*} Became a Beginners Team Member in 2010.<<BR>>
{*} Took on [[saji89]] as Apprentice in 2010.<<BR>>
{*} Instructor for PHP in the BT Academy<<BR>>

== IRC ==
You can always find me in #ubuntu-beginners, #ubuntu-beginners-team, and #ubuntu-beginners-dev. As I am a core developer Whube, A BT Developers project, I also live in #whube.

== Local ==
{*} Advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software where possible<<BR>>
{*} Help friends and family become acquainted with Ubuntu and encourage their exploration of Open Source software.<<BR>>
{*} Maintain several Ubuntu machines including laptops, desktops and a server.<<BR>>
{*} Local tech support for Open source operating systems.<<BR>>

= Testimonials =
''If you wish to describe my contributions to the Ubuntu Community please do so below. Thank You.''

Tenach is a very committed hard working individual. He is always willing to spend his time to help others. I strongly support his application for Beginners Team membership. [[Bodsda]]

Sheesh. The mark of a good writer is "Look, I'm sorry this is 20 pages, I only had a day", not "Look, I'm so happy it's 20 pages". In the case of Tenach, I don't think we can hit that 20 page deadline. Wherever you are in the community, chances are Tenach is willing to get involved. A truly self-motivated and driven individual, and decidedly donkey-like in his unrepentant devotion to a project. I know that Tenach is one of the first people I go to when starting on a new venture, and he is a truly invaluable asset to the Beginners Team. I support his application without reserve, hesitation or condition. -- [[paultag]] 2010-06-03 19:48:00

Tenach Tenach Tenach...what can I say that will do him justice? He's awesome, self-motivated, driven, and just plain cool! His work with the BeginnersTeam has been awesome to say the least and his assistance with the BT Wiki FG has been invaluable. He is always willing to help those whom he can, and he's willing to learn from others and share what he knows as well. He's got my support without hesitation, without reserve, and without question. Please look upon his application favorably. -- [[zkriesse]] 2010-07-05 19:27:00
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