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||'''GPG Key:'''||||EEC6C508|| ||'''GPG Key:'''||||877A8B65||

Launchpad ID:


Ubuntu Forums:



tenach on irc.freenode.net



GPG Key:


About Tenach

Hello! My name is Thomas and I live in the Tacoma, Washington. I am a web developer and computer enthusiast (one who wants to get back into robotics). Ubuntu has become my favorite desktop Operating System and I am constantly learning new things about it. As with learning, I enjoy teaching what I know, as it is a great way to learn. I find myself constantly steeping in JavaScript and PHP, with some XHTML and CSS for vibrant colors and flavors. I have seriously started self-learning Python and C++ since adopting Ubuntu.

Contributions to the Community

  • IRC - I've lived in #ubuntu and #ubuntuforums-beginners (now #ubuntu-beginners) ever since I realized that I could join the community in IRC (Ubuntu is the first reason I have adopted IRC). I am often idle in #ubuntu-beginners and help whenever I am able.

  • Forums - I try to help out wherever possible in the forums, mostly with laptop issues. I am always aiming to find someone to help, and try to post something of value instead of repeating someone else.

  • In the World - I often advocate for Ubuntu, spreading the word to family, friends, and those who's computers I work on. Ubuntu is always the option I provide as an alternative to buying a new, prohibitive OS license.

Current Doings

  • Bodsda has taken me on as his Padawan and I am part of the IRC Focus Group

  • Looking into finding/writing a Python bot that will enable me to log chats for a project I'm part of


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