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About Tenach

My name is Thomas Plastino Martin and I live in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I am a web developer by trade and musician by hobby. Ubuntu has quickly become one of my favorite Operating Systems, and as such, I've put a lot of time into learning what I can about it to better help others. I find myself constantly steeping in JavaScript and PHP, with some XHTML and CSS for vibrant colors and flavors. Since picking up Ubuntu I have gained a much larger interest in Python and have started utilizing the power of Lua and Shell scripting.

Contributions to the Community

  • IRC - Since adopting Ubuntu I have religiously lived in various Ubuntu IRC channels. I'm often found in #ubuntu-beginners and help out in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-beginners-help when I can, as often as I am able.

  • Forums - I have gained a lot of help from the forums and have started to help out wherever possible, generally with Acer laptop issues, though I have been expanding my knowledge. I am always aiming to find someone to help, and try to post something of value instead of repeating someone else.

  • Beginners Team - I have been hanging around the Beginners Team for nearly a year and have been taken on as a Padawan by Bodsda and I am part of the IRC Focus Group.

  • In the World - I often advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software where applicable, with Ubuntu being my OS of choice. I maintain several Ubuntu machines including laptops, desktops and a server.


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