tepy <=== Thomas Emery Pangborn with a y because many friends and family still call me Tommy.

This actually has it's roots in my very first adventure on the Internet. The details I remember about this are ...

1. I was using Windows 3.11 and had yet to logon to this thing called the Internet. 2. I had a floppy disk giving me 10 free hours of AOL 3. I was bored and looking for something to do.

So, armed with the floppy disk I installed AOL, followed the directions, and got my 10 free hours. After my 10 free hours I called them and told them I didn't want to remain an AOL customer and I'd be using another provider. As for 'tepy' when asked to choose a user name I choose 'tep' and was prompted back with dreaded this name has already been taken followed by a few suggested IDs such as tep93568 ... I thought for a minute and tried tepy, I've been tepy on the Internet ever since. SkyNet was my next ISP ...

There you go, I'll answer to tepy, Tom, Thomas, or even Tommy if you promise to always be friendly and kind.



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