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 * [[|Phoronix Test Suite]] - Cross=platform automated benchmarking/test suite

Links to automated testing projects and wiki pages focused on specific testing efforts.


  • Ubuntu Friendly - Community driven hardware validation testing using Checkbox

  • Ubuntu ISO Testing - Tests that validate the stability of ISO installations (Server, Desktop, Alternate)

  • Desktop Testing - Automation of the desktop tests using LDTP.


  • Checkbox - Application to launch tests and send results to Launchpad.

  • Sikuli - GUI Testing Automation Framework

  • Auto Update Tester - Validate upgrades using AutoUpgradeTester which is part of update-manager

  • Autotest - Automated Testing Framework

  • KVM Autotest - Automated testing of ISO images in VMs

  • Phoronix Test Suite - Cross=platform automated benchmarking/test suite


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