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Device Drivers

Device drivers are used to access the various hardware modules in devices. Several of these modules require specific drivers in order to operate to their full potential. The following cases ensure that all modules are operating as designed.

WLAN Support

WLAN support allows access to Wifi networks.

WLAN Support Cases

SDIO Support

SD card technology is now a standard for small form factor devices such as smart phones and digital camera.

SDIO Support Cases

Touchscreen Support

MID devices are defined as pocket sized fully functioning desktop environments. Touchscreen input takes the place of the mouse in these devices.

Touchscreen Support Cases

BlueTooth Support

Bluetooth is a short range wireless protocol which eliminates the need for wires for devices such as mice, keyboards, headsets, and MP3 players.

Bluetooth Support Cases


X.org is required for GUI and 3d acceleration.

Graphics Support Cases

Video Decode Acceleration

Video acceleration allows for smooth playback of high resolution video.

Video Acceleration Support Cases

USB Client Support

USB client support allows devices to connect to another host and transfer data over USB connection.

USB Client Support Cases


Audio protocols allow for sound to be reproduced from internal speaker, headphone jack, and bluetooth headset

Audio Support Cases

USB Camera Support

External USB devices such as webcams allow MIDs to act as video conferencing stations.

USB Camera Client Support Cases


USB and Ethernet based Printing and scanning support

Printing and Scanning Support Cases

Keyboard Support

Hot Keys are used for several hardware functions including volume and brightness.

Keyboard Support Cases

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