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Welcome to the Ubuntu Mobile Edition (UME) testing wiki. The pages linked within are designed to guide you through the process of setting up an environment, testing the features of UME, and reporting bugs. As always, feel free to update these pages with any clarifications/additional information that you find useful along the way. Happy Hunting.

Getting Started


The first part of preparation, is to get a working environment up and running. There are a couple different ways. To learn more about getting your environment up and running visit:
: Environment Setup

Test Cases

This is a comprehensive test case suite designed to confirm compliance with all project requirements. Most of these tests can be performed on mobile hardware or in Xnest/Xephyr on a development machine.

The cases have been split into three categories; Basic Feature, Advanced Feature, and Compliance Testing.

Basic Feature Testing

The Basic Feature set are designed to cover the main applications included with UME. They should be run as often as possible to ensure all baseline functionality is working.
: Basic Functionality Testing

Advanced Feature Testing

Advanced feature testing covers functionality that is hidden or not used as often as the basic feature set. These cases often require advanced knowledge of the underlying system or access to system resouces that are not commonly used.
: Advanced Feature Testing

Compliance Testing

Compliance testing ensures that UME conforms to all project requirements. These include basic system versioning to the inclusion of licensing information in the delivered builds. Compliance is important to the success of UME and is a vital requirement for many of companies implementing UME.
: Compliance Testing

Reporting Bugs

All bugs discovered in Ubuntu Mobile Edition should be logged against the main project:
: Ubuntu Mobile Edition

There is some information that, when included, can make the triage team and developers work much easier. Please paste the following template into your bug reports submitted against UME, and try to provide as much of the information as you can.

Build Version/Date:
Environment used for testing:


Steps to Reproduce:

Expected result:

Actual result:


Thank you for your interest in Ubuntu Mobile Edition testing. We hope you decide to contribute to the project. As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to visit the mobile team over on Freenode #ubuntu-mobile.

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