Ubuntu Mobile Edition is designed for small form factor devices. The sections below outlines the approved installation processes. If you have questions of problems with any of these steps, please contact the Ubuntu Mobile QA Group.

Flashing your Device


  1. It's vital you read this

    • Be sure to download the correct build for the chipset in your test device

    • Flashing your device with the image will overwrite all the data on the device. Backup valuable data before continuing.

Get latest release

  1. Download the latest Tarball

Load image to Pen Drive

  1. Insert your pen drive

    • Insert Empty USB thumbdrive. A 2 gig drive or greater is recommended although the image may fit on smaller drives.

  2. Download and run Moblin-Image-Creator

    • Under Ubuntu go to System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager.

    • Install Moblin-Image-Creator as above.
    • Go to Applications -> Programming -> Image-Creator

    • In Image-Creator go to Tools -> Write USB Image

  3. Select the image and wait

    • Browse to the *.img file you retrieved from the Build Area and create the image to thumbdrive

Flash Device

  1. Putting the image to use

    • Insert USB thumbdrive into the MID device and restart the device.

You should now have a working environment

Final Step

  1. So you got it installed, what now?

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