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Your first ISO test

This page will walk you through testing and submitting a result for an iso. We will execute a single testcase against a ubuntu desktop iso, but the information can be applied to any iso and any testcase. Additionally, we will run our test using a virtual machine. Real hardware can be utilized and is desirable for some forms of testing.


* Virtualbox

  • sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose

* TestDrive

  • sudo apt-get install testdrive

* Launchpad account

Logging in to the iso tracker

  • Open a browser and navigate to http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/

  • Click the login link located on the lefthand side of the page
  • Enter your ubuntu sso account information

Obtaining an iso

In this example, we will be testing the i386 build of the ubuntu desktop iso. To obtain the download link for the iso, let’s learn how to navigate the iso tracker. On the main page is a list of the current milestones. During development there is either a ‘daily’ iso, or a set milestone like alpha, or beta. For our purposes, click the current daily or milestone iso for the current development release. For example, I will click the quantal daily link.

Now, I am presented with a list of products for the milestone I chose. For our example, let’s test the ‘Ubuntu Desktop i386’ iso. Search the page for the link.