Iso Downloading Script

The following script was put together by testers, for testers. It downloads and updates all the current cd images that require testing. To download the script, you need git, the version control system, and then you need to run the following command in a terminal:

 git clone

The iso downloading script is located in the dl-ubuntu-test-iso subdirectory of the project.

What the script does

  1. Keeping the images up-to-date

    • By running the script daily your image will never be out of date and will only take a few minutes per cd image (with a good bandwidth).
  2. Folders

    • It checks for the iso folder in your /home/user folder.

    • It checks for the various desktop folders within this folder.
    • If they're not there it sets up the appropriate folders.
  3. The Syncing process

    • The script then syncs the images from the net to the correct folders.
    • The difference between syncing and downloading is that it only downloads the difference between the image you have and the one on-line.
    • This does mean that the first batch of downloading will be every cd for testing in full. This may well take some time.

How to run the script

Open a terminal and type the following from the folder containing the script.

 cd master/dl-ubuntu-test-iso
./dl-ubuntu-test-iso -P

WARNING: by default, the script downloads every iso image, which is a significant amount of data. You can tailor dl-ubuntu-test-iso to download only those images you are interested in; see the included README for details on how to do that.