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What is an Ubuntu Testing Day

The Ubuntu Testing day is a special day where the Ubuntu Community comes together with a shared goal of testing an specific set of ISO images (Alpha, Beta, RC, Gold or Point releases), an specific feature or some bugs needing verification. Taking the idea from the UbuntuBugDay, we want to apply the same concepts to ISO testing.

What do we want from "Feature" UTDs?

We have a new feature for the next Ubuntu release. We have its blueprint, its specification in the wiki, the spec got approved and the assignee to the task starts working on it. It gets deployed. 1 week before release someone tested it just in case something broke. It does not work as expected and it hadn't been tested before.

It had happen before, and it is probably going to happen again in the future, but we want to reduce finding bugs very late in the cycle for things well documented and that have followed the process from the very beginning.

We want to organize Testing Days not only for testing ISOs or SRUs (as we did in the 8.10 cycle), but also to test new features coming in the next release.

If you are developing a new feature for Jaunty and are willing to test it deeply, please, add the feature to the list below and the testing team will try to include your feature in a related Testing Day. If you haven't written a test plan yet, don't worry, but please add always a contact IRC nick, so we can organize it somehow.

List of features






IRC contact nick

Testing day

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