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 *[wiki:DallasWiebelhaus Dallas Wiebelhaus]
 *[wiki:DanielSargeant Daniel Sargeant] - Austin, TX
 *[[DallasWiebelhaus|Dallas Wiebelhaus]]
 *[[DanielSargeant|Daniel Sargeant]] - Austin, TX
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 *DavidMandala - Dallas (Murphy), TX
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 *[wiki:Diafygi Daniel Roesler] - Austin, TX  *[[Diafygi|Daniel Roesler]] - Austin, TX
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 *[:MichaelSCostello:Michael S Costello] - Pflugerville, TX
 *[:NathanConlon2:Nathan Conlon] Texas West Team Representative
 *[[MichaelSCostello|Michael S Costello]] - Pflugerville, TX
 *[[NathanConlon2|Nathan Conlon]] Texas West Team Representative
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 *[wiki:ScottSeverance Scott Severance] - Northeast Texas  *[[ScottSeverance|Scott Severance]] - Northeast Texas
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 *[wiki:Jesdisciple Jesdisciple (Chris)] - North Texas  *[[Jesdisciple|Jesdisciple (Chris)]] - North Texas

Welcome to the Ubuntu Texas LoCo wiki.

Update: There is now a mailing list in Launchpad. You can sign up at : https://launchpad.net/~texasteam

I have taken it on myself to host and set up a website for the team . . . http://www.texas-ubuntu.org. Sign up and start doing what you do!

I will also create an email forwarding account for everyone, so you'll have a "username @ texas-ubuntu.org" email address that forwards to your regular email.

Happy Trails,

Loye Young

Members List

If you're interested in participating in this team, add your name below. Then come join us on #ubuntu-us-tx.

UPDATE -- You can access the IRC room via the Texas-Ubuntu website. Log into http://www.texas-ubuntu.org/irc. The site also has live IM.

Once Web and email traffic picks up to the point where it makes sense as a first contact point, there'll be less need for this list - but for the time being, it'll do.

(alphabetical, please)


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