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 {*} SanAntonioTeam


Identi.ca Group


If you are an Ubuntu User residing in the great state of Texas, we've got a local team for you. Texas doesn't have an official statewide team, but has some very large (and small) teams that will most likely be in your area. The majority of Texas concedes that the community aspect of Ubuntu is very important, and each of our teams are friendly and receptive to newcombers, veterans, and the elite. So check it out! You just might find a new family.

Regional subteams:

New Teams (Join one of these if you can!)

Members List

Please add yourself to this Members List instructions for adding yourself can be found at HelpOnEditing

The owner of texas-ubuntu.org has said he'd transfer the domain to someone who wants to maintain a site there, but it's too early for that and I think going with removing all mentions of the site (except to say perhaps that Loye Young owns it and it's registered for future reference) is the way to go.


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