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 * Johnie Lawless

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This is the West Texas, USA Local Community Team. Based in Northeast El Paso, Texas


  • Coming Soon


  • To offer Training for the CompTIA Linux+ Certification, and the Ubuntu Certified Engineer and other Linux Certifications (I.E. RHCE, [http://http://www.lpi.org/en/lpi/english LPI 1])

  • To spread knowledge of Ubuntu to the general public
  • To provide free community support services to existing Ubuntu users through:
    • Contact via the Team Members list
    • Contact via the #ubuntu-texas-West Freenode IRC channel
    • Contact via E-Mail
  • Integration with the El Paso Linux User Meetup Group to provide a seamless and user friendly local support environment for hobbyists , professionals, and those new to Linux and Ubuntu.


* For community Ubuntu support in the El Paso and Surounding (Clint, San Ellizario, Anthony, TX Etc.) area please see "The Team" list below and contact one of the available members.


  • Location: In progress of Setting Up a Location

Up and coming meetings:

  • Meeting on our IRC Channel Every Third saturday at 7pm Mountain Time


TexasWest Members

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  • Johnie Lawless

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  • Johnie Lawless

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