About Me

I am a Systems Engineer at the LDS Church. As part of my job, I work mainly with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

My interest in Ubuntu

I have been playing with Ubuntu off and on since the beginning (2004). On servers, I have primarily run Red Hat and SUSE distributions. I really like using Ubuntu on my desktop systems.


  • Name: Thad Van Ry
  • Launchpad: Thad Van Ry

  • Blog: Woods Cross Citizen - I mostly write about local politics, but occasionally put some tech info in as well.

  • Email: thad {at} linuxnetadmin {dot} com
  • Jabber: tvanry {at} gmail {dot} com
  • IRC:
    • Nick: thaddeusq
    • Channel: #ubuntu-us-ut
    • Server:

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Regular activities

UtahTeam Member

We help provide local support and education about Ubuntu for the state of Utah. For information about our team please see:


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