=== Quantum Background 1:===

I earned my first PHD at age 6. Wrote my first symphony at age 8. By the age 12 I owned 3 small islands and a large one. I fought in WW2, Vietnam, and the French Revolution. I now own my own company and would tell you what we do but am under orders not to speak of it. Let's just say.. have you heard of the Microtik War? No? You're welcome. In my spare time i hunt peasants, buy beaches, and marry and divorce super models.

=== Quantum Background 2:===

I have a computer science degree and 13 years experience in the field. I now work for a national telecommunications company. I have been using linux since the wee beginings of red hat. While i do agree with the ideals behind linux i don't use linux because of those ideals. I use linux because i feel it is the best option of all available operating systems. I am a poet, a writer, a minister, and a wow player. (Not addict thank you.) I enjoy diet mt dew. Black metal, and psychopathic women.

=== Quantum Background 3:===

I am a rogue timelord. 37 years ago i arrived on this planet and disguised my Tardis as a random door. I then... forget which door and have been stuck here since. If you find a door that seems to lead to a non existent room.. PLEASE let me know.

I wish to be team lead because i have an insatiable lust for power and a huge ego. My goals for the team are simply.. total global domination... and cake.



1. I have been the Butler County Ohio Really Local Team Lead for 6 months now. 2. I have converted everyone i have touched with Ubuntu... i am borg like... resistance is fyutile. 3. I built my own lightsaber.

I also communicate well, am very friendly, and look good in a jedi robe.

Love and Pudding (but not in that order...)


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