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Welcome to my Personal page on the Wiki [ | Ubuntu Comunity]]. Welcome to my Personal page on the Wiki [[ | Ubuntu Comunity]].

Thiago Nalli Valentim

Welcome to my Personal page on the Wiki Ubuntu Comunity.

Versão em Português Brasil - Clique Aqui




Thiago Nalli Valentim


32 Yers old

Birth Date:



São Paulo/SP - Brazil


Operador de Sistemas


These are the ways to contact me:


Brazilian Paulistano, Married, and for those who like astrology, I am the sign of Scorpio. Working as Operator of CAS Systems - Digital TV, and have training in middle level technician Computer Technician at Centro Paula Souza - ETEC Uirapuru. Consider myself a Free Software enthusiast and a listener of the radio waves (SWL), whether they shortwave (SW), medium (MW) and Long (LW), preference for listening to Air band.

Met and started using Ubuntu version 5.04 (Hoary Hedghog). Spent by Debian several times and got to "prove" CentOS, Fedora and Opensuse, however, after 2 days of use on each, I went back to Ubuntu as a sorry dog.

Currently, I have been studying to take the exam of LPIC-01.


  • Member of Ubuntu-BR-SP LoCo Team;

  • Member List Discussion in Portuguese of Ubuntu-BR;

  • Active member of the Luso-Brazilian Forum of Ubuntu -;

  • In January 2013 I was asked to help the leadership team of the [/UbuntuBRSP | Ubuntu-BR-SP LoCo Team]], in which I belong to the present time;

  • Speaker on Ubuntu and Linux, realized some lectures to students of ETEC Uirapuru, and also in V ENSOL UNESP Ilha Solteira-SP/Brazil


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