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Spee up the Thin Client bootprocess for LTSP


Ubuntu 5.10 thin clients take ages to boot. Some of the generic startup time improvements will also apply to thin clients, but we should specifically optimize the thin client startup process as well. Thin clients are usually low-spec hardware and need this more than most.

Use cases

Matthew gives a class on usability at university where uses LTSP in his class, if he's te first in the class for the day he needs to plan extra time for booting the Thin Clients for the Pupils.


The bootprocess of LTSP Thin Clients as well as the default bootstrapping of the thin client chroot environment.


  • Rip out the unneeded services from Thin Clients
  • Fix the delay of nfs mounting in klibc
  • Compare the list of started services between LTSP 4.1 and breezy LTSP
  • Remove the "sleep 3" from the initramfs nfs script
  • start LDM as early as possible in the bootprocess
  • find the slowing down part in syslogd and fix it
  • run a ntpd on the ltsp server and make the thin client pull its time from there
  • make ltsp-build-client's debootstrapping install only the bare minimum needed (probably introduce a thin client mode)
  • drop module-init-tools from the bootprocess
  • find any silent scripts that run and might slow down the bootprocess



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