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* I strongly support his application for Ubuntu membership. He deserves this very, very much. -- [[leoquamt]]  * I strongly support his application for Ubuntu membership. He deserves this very, very much. -- [[leoquant]]

Thomas de Graaff

Doetinchem, the Netherlands


(The guy pointing to his head, white shirt) Name

Thomas de Graaff Email

<thomas AT thomasdegraaff DOT nl> Launchpad Profile

launchpad IRC

Thomas_de_Graaff on Web Site Currently Using

Ubuntu 10.04


Hi, I'm known online as Thomas de Graaff, which happens to be my real name. My first computer experience I got playing with a Apple II clone when I was about 11 years old. My first encounter with (Red Hat) Linux must have been around 1999, but it couldn't convince me to stop using MacOS on my first generation iMac. Soon thereafter I needed Windows at university doing CAD stuff designing architecture, and I continued using Windows. I came to Ubuntu as a typical end user when Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04) was released. I had some trouble getting it to work on my laptop, and got immediately hooked by the OS and the helpful community.

Recently I got LPI 1 certified, this I taught myself.

My contributions to the Ubuntu community are mainly in the area of Ubuntu promotion.

My Projects / Contributions


In the past I:

  • 2008/08 Co-founded the Releaseparty Support Group, which was founded to help community members who organize RP's with advise, sponsors, installation cd's, designing and printing flyers, talks, a website etc.
  • 2009/02 Worked on Releaseparty Wiki to facilitate community members willing to organize rp's.

  • 2009/03 Designed the Jaunty flyers that were printed and spread throughout the Netherlands to promote the five Jaunty release parties.

  • 2009/04 Created Ubuntu-NL Hall of Fame.

  • 2009/04 Became a Ubuntu-NL team member, leader of the renewed Events team.
  • 2009/05 The supported Jaunty release parties in Apeldoorn, Drachten, Oss, Groningen and The Hague, spring of 2009 were a great success.

  • 2009/05 Founded partnership between the Ubuntu-NL community and HCC, the biggest computerclub in the Netherlands. The result of this joint effort was the Ubuntu release party on the 'HCC! Linux Thema Dag 2009' and the Ubuntu stand on the 'HCC! dagen 2009'.

  • 2009/07 Gave a Ubuntu introduction presentation on HCC regiodag Oost event.
  • 2009/09 Organized the Karmic Koala Poster Design contest.

  • 2009/10 Organized Ubuntu Releaseparty on Linux Themadag 2010.

  • 2009/11 Manned a stand on t-dose to promote Ubuntu.

  • 2009/12 Worked with help of the forum team and community on new, more compact and clear forum rules.

  • 2009/12 Gave a Ubuntu introduction presentation on release parties in Eemnes and Oss.
  • 2010/01 Organized the foundation of Releaseparty 2010 Organization team consisting of members from Ubuntu NL and HCC!.
  • 2010/02 Organized a poster design contest for Ubuntu Releaseparty 2010.
  • 2010/04 Organized community sponsored poster campaign in public buses for Ubuntu Releaseparty 2010. Each poster was sponsored by a community member. On the poster it stated: "This poster was sponsored by: Name, a satisfied Ubuntu user.".

  • 2010/04 Wrote chapter about the Ubuntu-NL community in "Open Source Jaarboek 2009", book aimed at politicians, officials and managers.

  • 2010/05 Organized full page advertisement in Linux Magazine (Dutch edition)

  • 2010/05 Co-organized Ubuntu Releaseparty 2010 with 28 lectures and workshops, several commercial partners and partner communities stands.

  • 2010/09 Presentation at Software Freedom Day in the Royal Library in The Hague, and manning a stand.

  • 2010/11 Manned a stand on t-dose.

  • 2011/01 Handed over team leadership of Ubuntu-NL promotion team to TonH.

  • 2011/04 Was elected as a member of Ubuntu-NL governance and Ubuntu-NL board.

  • 2011/04 Attended Global Jam.

  • 2011/06 Became a governance member of non profit foundation to support Ubuntu-NL.

  • 2011/06 Created new version of Ubuntu-NL approval page.

  • 2011/09 Organized Ubuntu Global Jam AT Nijmegen.


  • I am fulfilling my duties as a member of the Ubuntu-NL governance, the Ubuntu-NL board, and the Ubuntu-NL foundation. Furthermore I'm a member of the promotion team, and as such am still involved in the organization of events.


  • I plan to keep on contributing to the Ubuntu community.


  • Thomas has been absolutely essential for Ubuntu Nederland. Currently he is mostly active in the leadership of the LoCo, more or less pulling the chart. In the past he was a vital part of the team that organised the events and he still contributes a lot there. I am amazed that Thomas didn't become Ubuntu Member sooner, because he absolutely deserves it. -- SenseHofstede

  • I know Thomas de Graaff as the spinning wheel behind the most successful Ubuntu Release Parties in the Netherlands. He was the person who set the parties in motion and find the right people so everything went smoothly. Thomas has been elected for our local Ubuntu governance and board. He is a born leader who manages the meetings very well. Even for the more boring activities like writing the meeting reports you won't hear him complaining. Thomas is not only very successful in arranging meetings, release parties etc, but he is also a very nice person to work with. Always polite, social, interested in the project people work on, both on line and off line. I am confident that Thomas will stay actively involved in our community for quite some time. Thomas your awesome! -- ronnie.vd.c

  • I strongly support his application for Ubuntu membership. He deserves this very, very much. -- leoquant

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